UV laser cutting machine

The difference between co2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine

Laser marking machines are laser marking machines and equipment that use lasers to permanently mark the surface of various chemical substances. Common laser marking machines include fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines. The key difference between these three laser marking machines depends on the laser generator, laser wavelength and main purpose.

UV laser cutting machineFiber Laser Marking Machine

The fiber laser marking machine uses a fiber laser generator to mark the surface of various chemical substances, and according to the solar energy, the surface chemical substances produce physical or chemical reactions, and then engrave pattern designs, trademark logos, and permanent signs such as text. of laser marking machines and equipment. Its components include: fiber laser generator, laser scanning galvanometer, field mirror, industrial computer motherboard, display screen, server cabinet, automatic switch, switching power supply, ruler and elevator shaft. MOPA laser marking machine also belongs to fiber laser marking machine.

UV laser cutting machine

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The carbon dioxide laser marking machine adopts a steam laser generator, and the infrared band is 10.64μm. The CO2 gas is charged into the high-pressure gas discharge tube to cause arc discharge, so that the molecular structure of the vapor is released from the laser, and the kinetic energy of the laser is increased. For the laser of material production and processing, the laser vaporizes the surface of the produced and processed object to achieve the purpose of manual engraving.

UV laser cutting machine

UV laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine uses a 355nm UV laser generator to mark the surface of various chemical substances. According to the short-wave laser, the molecular chain of the substance is immediately cut, and then the pattern design, trademark logo and text are engraved. Laser marking machines and equipment for permanent marking.

The differences between optical fiber, carbon dioxide and UV laser marking machines are as follows:

  1. Different laser generators: fiber laser marking machine adopts fiber laser generator, carbon dioxide laser marking machine adopts CO2 vapor laser generator, and ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts short-wavelength ultraviolet laser generator.

Ultraviolet lasers are a very different technology from carbon dioxide and fiber line laser devices. Ultraviolet lasers are also known as deep blue lasers. This technique enables hand engraving with low calorific value. It’s not like fiber and CO2 laser markers. The surface of the heated material is hand-carved by the cold light lamp.

  1. Different laser wavelengths: the laser wavelength of the laser cutting plotter is 1064nm, the laser wavelength of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine is 10.64μm, and the laser wavelength of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is 355nm.
  2. The main uses are different: CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for manual engraving of most non-metallic materials and some metal materials, fiber laser marking machine is suitable for manual engraving of most metal materials and some non-metallic materials, ultraviolet laser marking The machine can clearly mark all plastics and other materials that have an adverse effect on heat, and is especially suitable for high-speed partitioning of food, medical device materials, microplates, laminated glass materials, single crystals, etc. The main use of silicon wafers is for complex patterns such as laser cutting.

Fiber laser marking machine, the difference between co2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine

Recommended equipment: UV laser marking machine product features

(1) The use of vein frequency doubling technology greatly improves the stability of the laser. The design of the laser cavity adopts a series of optimization methods to ensure the beam quality as the fundamental mode.

(2) Narrower pulse widths and less thermal effects contribute to peak power generation. The higher the peak power, the wider the adaptability of the material. This achieves perfect UV marking on some relatively hard materials.

(3) Higher pulse stability, that is, better laser pulse consistency produces the same engraving effect, so the UV marker is very suitable for precision UV marking. Higher pulse repetition frequency meets the needs of fast marking and high production efficiency.

(4) High photoelectric conversion efficiency and long service life.

(5) UV marking can support logos and patterns designed in DXF format from PLT, BMF, AI, JPG, etc.

(6) UV marking machine can automatically mark date, barcode and QR code.

(7) Superior performance, good stability, high conversion rate and low energy consumption.

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