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Advantages Of 2kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine which can do the flat cutting also do the angle cutting and edge neatly, smoothing on the metal plate, such as high precision cutting, and mechanical arm can be three-dimensional cutting instead of original imported 5-axis laser. Compared with ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine, 2kw fiber laser cutting machine saves more space and gas consumption, high photoelectric conversion rate, is a new energy saving and environmental protection products, is also one of the world’s leading technology products.

2kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

What Are The Benefits Of 2kw Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber lasers offer several primary advantages. The light propagating in the fibers is well shielded from the environment, and fiber lasers tend to be very compactly designed. They offer a large gain bandwidth, wide wavelength tuning ranges, and have the capacity to generate ultra-short pulses. Operating at high power with great efficiency, they are suitable for many types of cutting procedures.

(1) High precision, fast speed, narrow slit, small heat affected area, smooth cutting surface without burr.

(2) laser cutting head will not contact with the surface of the material, not scratch the workpiece.

(3) the slit is narrow, the heat affected area is very small, the local deformation of the workpiece is very small, and there is no mechanical deformation.

(4) Flexible processing, can process arbitrary graphics, can also cut pipes and other profiles.

(5) Can be steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy and other materials of any hardness without deformation cutting.

What’s The Working Principle Of This 2kw Laser Cutting Machine?

Apart from providing the information regarding how 2kw fiber laser cutting machine has drastically improved the sheet cutting in the industry, it’s working principle provides enough evidence as to why it’s time for sheet workers to invest in this potential industry-changing machine.

Though the steel plate laser cutting machine’s working principle is pretty identical to that of laser welding yet there are a few key differences that enhance the reputation of this machine. As already introduced, the fiber laser cutting machine depends on the high power density of its laser beam. The laser beam scans over the material surface in a very short span of time and heats it to an approximate temperature of 11000o Celcius.

2kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This leads to the process of melting or gasification of the metal sheet. This high-pressure gas melting or gasified material is blown away from the slit. This flow of inert gas allows the incision to melt the metal. Thus, it creates smooth and straight cuts. Along with that, the jet’s flowing oxygen acts as a catalyst in the process. It increases the speed of the cutting process by allowing the machine to provide narrow, precise, smooth, and fewer scratches but high-quality cuts on the metal surface.

2kw fiber laser cutting machine is the fastest, most efficient technology for sheet metal cutting, offering outstanding levels of productivity and precision while keeping low operating costs. For all these reasons, it has become the preferred choice for a vast array of metal industries around the world.

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