1325 CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Fabric laser cutting machine_Automatic feeding laser cutting machine

Automatic feeding laser cutting machine refers to laser cutting equipment with automatic loading and unloading function, which is generally used for cutting flexible materials such as cloth and leather. Compared with the traditional fabric laser cutting machine, the automatic feeding laser cutting machine has been upgraded in function, which can realize the automatic loading and unloading of the machine without labor, save labor and reduce production costs. The fabric laser cutting machine can also be called an automatic feeding laser cutting machine, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency and avoids the error and speed reduction caused by manual feeding.

1325 CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting MachineThe fabric laser cutting machine is equipped with a dedicated automatic feeding table. When the front desk is cutting, the machine automatically drives the cloth strip to move forward to realize the collection of the upper version and the transfer of the lower version. The cloth laser cutting machine is generally equipped with an automatic cloth frame to realize the transmission and cutting of the whole cloth.

The fabric laser cutting machine can realize the rapid cutting of fabrics, various fabric special-shaped cutting, fast speed, high efficiency, beautiful edge effect, high precision, large-format worktable design, suitable for cutting large-sized non-metallic materials. And the height design of the work surface is ergonomic. It can cut wool, imitation leather, white fabrics in a large area without yellowing. It has the functions of power follow, frequency follow, and speed follow, which can effectively reduce corner cutting burrs. It is a commonly used flexible material cutting machine.

Features of fabric laser cutting machine:

Equipped with a 1600*3000mm working table, which can meet the cutting of large-sized flexible materials

The fabric laser cutting machine is equipped with high-quality laser, with stable light source, long life, and long-term high-intensity operation.

The model is equipped with an automatic transmission system, which greatly saves labor costs

Fabric laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting various flexible materials such as leather, denim, plush fabrics and composite materials.

Easy-to-operate and highly scalable fabric laser printing system: The combination of the printing system and laser cutting does not require outputting cardboard patterns, and only needs to modify a small amount of key data to realize the linkage modification of the pattern structure, as well as the left and right shoe shapes. .Image function, can cut left and right feet at the same time. The automatic typesetting function reduces scrap.

The fabric laser cutting machine is a fully automatic feeding and automatic rolling cutting machine specially developed for the fabric manufacturing industry. Completely replace the ancient perm process, no smoke when working, save materials, the edge of the knife does not burn the edge, no lint when cutting, environmental protection and pollution-free work.

Fabric laser cutting machine_Automatic feeding laser cutting machine

The fabric laser cutting machine adopts Taiwan Shangyin linear motion guide rail to ensure the smooth, high-speed and no jitter of the laser head during operation. It has the characteristics of small slit, fast speed and high precision, which ensures the precision and service life of the equipment.

Automatic typesetting function of cloth laser cutting machine software. After the cutting pattern design is completed, the software automatically typeset, and the material pattern fits closely to reduce waste.

The cloth laser cutting machine breaks the situation of slow speed and difficult typesetting of traditional manual and electric shears, and fully solves the problems of low efficiency and waste of materials. The cutting speed is fast and the operation is simple. Just input the graphics and dimensions to be cut into the computer, and the cutting machine will accurately calculate the cutting machine through the typesetting software. The cutting machine will cut the entire material into the finished product you need, without tools and molds, using lasers to achieve non-contact processing, which is simple and fast, and improves production processing efficiency.

The fabric laser cutting machine is cheap and consumes less, and because the laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, the effect, precision and cutting speed of the cut products are very good, the operation is stable, the incision is delicate and clean, and it also has the advantages of safe operation, simple maintenance, etc. advantage. It can work continuously for 24 hours.

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