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CNC Cutting Machine VS Engraving Machine

Many customers have some doubts about CNC cutting machines and engraving machines. The two machines are very similar in appearance, but have very different prices. What’s the difference between the two and which device is better suited? Long-term development and use?

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making MachineAlthough the two machines, the CNC cutting machine and the engraving machine, look similar in appearance, the bed structure and technical requirements of these two kinds of equipment are completely different. The engraving machine is an intelligent engraving equipment, and the CNC cutting machine is an intelligent cutting machine. Customized panel furniture cutting equipment

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

CNC Cutting Machine

The difference between CNC cutting machine and engraving machine

  1. Although the engraving machine can also perform cutting processing, its machine tool structure and electrical accessories cannot be used for high-strength cutting processing. Over time, the machine will deform and the accuracy will become worse and worse.
  2. The control systems of the engraving machine and the CNC cutting machine are different. The control system of the engraving machine is simple. After importing the processing path, the processing can be run, which can be operated by the handle. The control system of the wood CNC cutting machine is more intelligent, it can cooperate with many design layouts to optimize the cutting software, improve the utilization rate of the board, and the software can automatically open the box and cut the material, and the operation is simple, which is different from the ordinary woodworking engraving machine.
  3. The bed structure and accessories used by the CNC cutting machine are much higher than those of the woodworking engraving machine, which can adapt to the long-term cutting work, and the speed is very fast.
  4. The CNC cutting machine can cooperate with automatic feeding, automatic unloading, automatic labeling and other automatic systems to truly realize automatic production. One person can complete the operation, saving labor.

With the maturity of customized furniture, CNC cutting machine has become an essential equipment for every processing factory, and there are many models of CNC cutting machine. Many friends are very entangled in the face of different configurations of equipment,

So how to choose a suitable CNC cutting machine?

  1. Choose a reasonable CNC cutting machine according to the scale of your own factory. If the factory of the CNC cutting machine manufacturer has only a few workers, and the small and medium-sized manufacturers mainly focus on cabinet processing, four-way cutting machine can be considered. The price is relatively affordable, and the processing cabinet also has advantages. If you mainly focus on door panel processing and want to improve efficiency, you can choose a machining center with a larger tool magazine capacity.
  2. Select equipment reasonably according to the number of customers of CNC cutting machine, and choose regular manufacturers with good brand reputation. The strength of the manufacturer directly affects the specific configuration and production process of the cutting machine. Some powerful manufacturers generally have scientific research teams, and the production process of products will be better.

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