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Maintenance Method Of Cnc Cutting Machine

Maintenance method of CNC cutting machine

The CNC cutting machine adopts numerical control to control wood cutting. It has high-speed tool conversion speed and cutting efficiency. It can process different patterns and irregular wood. How to maintain the CNC cutting machine? The following small series will be divided into articles.

  1. Impact

Numerical control mechanical equipment and computer control system are components of the numerical control cutting machine, and the user avoids the impact of external force when using the numerical control cutting machine. Preventing the CNC cutting machine on the anti-vibration equipment can play a fixed role and reduce the impact.

  1. Wipe regularly

Although the external protection performance of the CNC cutting machine is better, and the joints of the machine tool and the equipment are designed to prevent the entry of wood chips, but most of the workplaces where the CNC cutting machine operates are dusty, and the actual air environment in the work room More demanding. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and wipe it as appropriate in daily life to avoid the aging of the circuit after the dust enters the CNC opener and affect the service life of the instrument.

  1. Pay attention to daily lubrication

When the user performs the lubrication maintenance of the CNC cutting machine, it is necessary to turn off the power first, and then disassemble the relevant important parts to expose the place where the slider and the guide rail are connected, so as to find the part that needs to be coated with lubricating oil. The correct choice of lubricating oil type and correct use, the lubricating oil must not be added excessively, and cannot be added incorrectly. Generally, use a toothpick to fill the gap with a suitable amount of lubricating oil, and drive the slider so that each part can be stained with lubricating oil.

In a word, the maintenance methods of the CNC cutting machine are mainly summarized into three points, namely, avoiding external impact, regularly wiping and paying attention to daily lubrication.

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