Cabinet production line

How to detect the machining accuracy of CNC cutting machine for panel furniture?

As the wood cnc router cutting machine is more and more widely used in the furniture industry, how can we choose a cost-effective CNC cutting machine in the face of many manufacturers?

Cabinet production lineThe processing accuracy of the cutting machine equipment directly affects the product quality of the panel furniture. The panels produced by the cnc machine for wood with poor precision will have problems such as the cabinet body cannot be assembled, or it is difficult to assemble, and the assembly is skewed, the layers are uneven, the front and rear are uneven, and the gap size is different. Therefore, when buying a woodworking cnc machines for sale, you must first check the machining accuracy of the cutting machine.

Cabinet production line

So how to detect the accuracy of CNC cutting machine?

  1. Do a plate processing, measure whether the diagonals of the plates are the same, whether the dimensions of the opposite sides are the same, and whether the distance between the holes is the same.
  2. Both sides of the neutral plate of the cabinet are processed to check the positioning accuracy of the turning plate. The main influence of the positioning cylinder is the machining accuracy of the turning plate. A board is punched with perforations and double-sided grooves are opened to see if the perforations are transparent and there are no piercing marks.
  3. The processing accuracy of small plates should be processed with small plates. It can cut several small boards that will appear in production, such as drawer side boards of 300mm*50mm. Look at the adsorption capacity of the table surface, whether there will be a running board, and also measure the processing accuracy of the small board.
  4. You can cut two boards of the same specification on one board and hit wooden pins at the four corners to see if the two boards can be fitted with wooden pins.

In short, buying cutting machine equipment is to save time, labor and labor, improve the utilization rate of plates, improve processing efficiency, improve processing accuracy, and improve quality. A good cutting machine can make you do more with less. Therefore, you should be careful when buying equipment, choose a reliable manufacturer, and don’t be greedy for cheap, which is not worth the loss.

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