Why the three spindles CNC router is so popular?

Engraving machines with three spindles are now being chosen by more and more customers. It is also the most suitable machine for processing furniture and producing cabinet doors. The three spindles CNC router that performs three processes, and it is also to improve the productivity of customers. The processing efficiency of this machine is 3 times that of an ordinary single-head CNC woodworking engraving machine. The three spindles are also equipped with different cutting tools, which are controlled by cylinders and can be switched according to different processing requirements. It also has the function of automatic tool change, which saves the time of manual tool replacement, and is especially suitable for processing complex workpieces in the production of wooden doors, furniture and musical instruments.

Application range of three spindles CNC router:

If you want to process more complex and exquisite handicrafts, doors, windows, cabinets, screens and other furniture, but you don’t need 4 spindles, then this three spindles CNC router will be a very good choice for you, and its price is even higher. Affordable, but also can meet the processing functions of multi-head CNC machines.

Applicable customers of woodworking engraving machine:

For cabinet doors, ordinary cabinet door processing usually includes three processes: cutting, carving and engraving. Therefore, the three-process engraving machine is definitely the first choice for all kinds of cabinet door processing, and it can be replaced three times during the entire processing process. It not only avoids the trouble of manual tool change, but also greatly improves the production and processing efficiency.

Features of three spindles CNC router:

  1. The X and Y axis of this machine are driven by the frame, which can increase the processing speed. The Z-axis uses a lead screw imported from Germany and is equipped with an imported coupling, which has higher machining accuracy and longer service life.
  2. Strong compatibility, all kinds of engraving software are applicable, you can choose according to your preference, including Type3, Art cam, Castmate, Pore and various CAD/CAM.
  3. With three main axes, it can realize relief sculpture, shadow sculpture and three-dimensional artistic font sculpture. It is also a simple ATC CNCmachine, which can realize most of the functions of ATC CNC milling machines without high cost.
  4. Using DSP system, it can be controlled by connecting with USB port, which is very convenient to operate. The spindle is also imported from an imported brand, and the speed can reach 24000RPM per minute. So it has more powerful processing capabilities.

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