CNC foam engraving machine

How much is a large foam engraving machine?

What kind of foam engraving machine should be used for large foam mold engraving? Everyone wants to know this, because many of the molds we usually use are foam molds, so what kind of foam engraving machine to choose and what is the foam engraving machine? It is necessary to have a certain understanding.

First, Machine tool structure:

The gantry adopts a casting structure, which is annealed and aged, and its advantages are that it is not easy to deform and has strong enough rigidity.

The working table is made of cast table, with a thickness of more than 45mm, and CNC finishing to ensure the flatness and rigidity requirements.

The frame structure is welded by 300×300×15mm thick square, and is processed and formed by a large CNC five-sided machining center after annealing and heat treatment, which ensures the machining accuracy and structural rigidity, and is not easy to deform after long-term use.

The weight of the machine tool structure is about 3 tons.

CNC foam engraving machineSecond, the electrical part:

The spindle motor adopts an air-cooled 9KW automatic tool-changing spindle. The foaming processing power is large enough, the speed is suitable, and the processed product is smooth. Due to the BT40 structure, a relatively large milling cutter can be placed, and the processing efficiency is doubled.

Servo motor, servo motor is a very critical main component in the CNC system, which is related to the processing speed and accuracy of engraving. This program uses Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, which has the advantages of strong power, high system precision and fast speed. The result is high processing speed and high precision of processed products.

CNC system, a set of stable engraving machine products, is also the key choice for stable CNC system. This component is related to the stability of long-term processing, adaptability to harsh environments, processing method optimization algorithms and precision. We chose a new generation system from Taiwan for this solution. The system is widely used in China, has a good reputation, and has obvious cost-effective advantages.

CNC foam engraving machineAs large foam engraving machines are sent to customers’ workshops, more and more people see an opportunity. Recently, many customers came to the company to understand and sign the purchase contract of foam engraving machine, one of them even ordered 3 foam engraving machines within half a year. The large foam engraving machine, as the name suggests, is the engraving machine for processing large foam, so what can the foam do? Next, let’s take a look at the large foam engraving machine with Xiaobian!


What can a foam engraving machine do?

Can be used directly as a finished product

For example: stage art models, three-dimensional advertising models, exhibition display model props, film and television props, weddings, large-scale events, festivals and other decorations, etc., can be used after post-processing. as painting and beautification;

4 Axis CNC Machining Centre Milling Machine

Features of Foam Sculpture

Foam sculpture products have the characteristics of light weight, low price, short production cycle, strong operability and convenience. In addition, the cut foam particles can be recycled and reused;

Foam compared to other materials

The biggest advantage of foam compared to most other modelling materials is that it is easy to cut and is used to model quickly. It is a good choice for the rapid conception of design, the proposal review stage, and the use of foam to make models;


Why use a large engraving machine to carve foam models?

  1. Uniform engraving, one-time molding
  2. Lower cost, higher efficiency, overall beautiful appearance and higher precision;


Use a multi-head CNC engraving machine to make foam models, realize mass production, complete orders with high quality in a short time, and improve economic benefits.

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