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What are the CNC systems of the engraving machine?

Mach3 controller is an open CNC engraving machine controller, which has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, low price, strong compatibility and high compatibility. In addition, it also has functions such as dynamic 3D screen tracking, automatic adjustment tools, and program jump execution.

Weihong control system


The control system of CNC engraving machine adopts humanized interface design. In addition, the controller can not only visually observe the treatment path, but also make the operation more convenient, timely and accurate. Program compatibility is extremely high, and can be directly or indirectly imported into various CAM recording software. Therefore, the design of the CNC engraving machine controller is simple and elegant, the operation interface is simple, and the operation method is simple, but it is compatible at the same time.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router MachinFANUC control system


FANUC control system has complete functions, high stability, strong compatibility, simple operation and high control precision. In addition, the humanized design enables the control system to exert better processing efficiency and quality.


SYNTEC control system


Open PLC programs can be scheduled according to processing needs. Complete functions, simple cycle, flexible dialogue programming, simple operation. In addition, it provides a graphical simulation function to check for program errors. The flywheel simulation function uses the flywheel to control the toolpath for ease of machining and inspection.

3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

DSP control system


This CNC engraving machine controller uses the handle to manually control the movement of the wood engraving machine without occupying a separate computer, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the equipment. Also, the toolset is more comfortable and easier to use. The control method has low cost, simple operation and convenient operation.

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Siemens control system


A Siemens control system is a control system that integrates all components of a CNC system, such as digital controllers, programmable controllers, and human-machine interfaces (in the form of control panel mounts). Compared with other systems, it is suitable for controlling various complex machining tasks with higher dynamic quality and control precision. The control method has the advantages of high reliability, easy installation and operation, and the like.


When we receive users, we often hear users asking, which CNC engraving machine controller is best for me? In other words, how to choose the best CNC router controller for your woodworking router.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

As mentioned above, in addition to the three common CNC engraving machine controllers on the market. For different types of CNC engraving machines, there are corresponding and more suitable suggestions for CNC engraving machine controllers. So, in essence, different types of control systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Therefore, we have to choose a suitable control system according to our own processing requirements, which is a problem. Today, we will recommend the most suitable brand and model of CNC milling machine controller for different types of CNC milling machines.


First of all, we are talking about an ordinary three-axis CNC engraving machine. This machine is mainly for plane engraving (including plane line engraving, deep relief, low relief, cutting). This woodworking machine can use these CNC engraving machine controllers, such as digital signal processor control system and Weihong controller.


Secondly, the four-axis CNC engraving machine (3D CNC machine) is discussed. There are two types of such machines: CNC machines with rotary devices and CNC machines with four-axis rotary spindles. Among them, you can choose Syntec control system, LNC control system, Weihong control system and Siemens control system.


Five-axis CNC machining center

The Syntec control system is available for this five-axis CNC machining center. What we want to tell you is that the controller of the CNC engraving machine plays a vital role in the operation of the engraving machine. Therefore, we must carefully choose the appropriate CNC engraving machine controller to meet our processing requirements. We not only include price, make and model of CNC router controller. There are other factors such as control system, longevity, ease of use and after-sales warranty. If you have any questions about choosing a CNC engraving machine, please feel free to contact us. We have professional technical engineers to answer your questions online.

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