What is fiber laser marking machine ?

Fiber laser marking machine are one of the most advanced and commonly used laser marking systems in the world today. It has a powerful adaptability, low maintenance, and there is no feature of consumables during the marking process. Therefore, fiber laser marking machine have a wide range of applications, especially metal and plastic processing industries for precise and efficient markers. Fiber laser marking machine are designed to meet your requirements for tags or other information of hard and high-density materials.

What is fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine are a laser marker for marking characters, graphics, and patterns on certain materials. Fiber laser marking machine are also referred to as fiber laser markers, but also a fiber laser engraver or fiber laser engraving machine.


The laser mark refers to a permanent marker using a laser beam on a surface surface of various materials. The principle of laser label is to engrave traces by evaporation of surface materials, or by chemical and physical changes of surface materials caused by light energy, or by displaying the desired label by light energy combustion moiety. Fiber laser marking machine are mainly used to require more fine and higher precision.


Fiber laser marking machine VS CO2 laser marking machine

As two most common laser marking machines, there is a lot of difference between fiber laser markers and CO2 laser marks.

Different lasers

The fiber laser engraver uses fiber lasers, and the CO2 laser marks use CO2 lasers. The fiber laser marking is 1.064 um, 10 times shorter than the CO2 laser marking machine. Since this focal length is much smaller, the intensity of the fiber laser mark system is 100 times higher than the CO2 system having similar power output.


Different laser transmission methods

Fiber laser marking machine rely on fiber optic cable transmission lasers, while CO2 laser markers use optical systems to transport lasers. As a result, it is necessary to adjust the optical path of the CO2 laser marking, but the fiber laser marking is not required.

Laser marking machine

Different applications

The fiber laser engraving machine is suitable for marking and engraving most of the metals and some non-metallic materials. For example, steel, aluminum, copper, gold, engineering plastics, ceramics, epoxy resins, coatings, plating materials, etc.

CO2 laser engraving machines are good at engraving and labeled most of non-metallic materials. For example, bamboo products, wood, acrylic acid, leather, glass, rubber, etc.


Other differences

In terms of marking accuracy, fiber marking is a nano-stage machining method, so its precision is higher than CO2 laser mark.

The maximum service life of fiber laser marking machine can reach 100,000 hours because it does not require multiple maintenance and consumables. However, the CO2 laser mark requires regular maintenance and replacement of the vulnerable parts, so its maximum life may be 30,000 hours.

Has the same laser power, the price of the two laser markings is also different. The price of fiber laser markers may be higher than the price of CO2 laser marking machine.

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Since the metal laser marking machine uses fiber laser technology, it has all the advantages of the fiber laser. In addition, the fiber laser marking machine sculptor has the following advantages.


Due to any change in time, environment and other elements, the label of the fiber laser marking will not gradually subsidize. And the marking effect is difficult to imitate and change, and have a strong anti-counterfeiting function. As a result, fiber laser marking machine have a prominent advantage in other industries that require very stringent in automobiles and traceability requirements.

Exquisite marker effect

The minimum point diameter of the fiber laser marking machine can reach 0.04 mm or less, so the marking effect is very delicate.

Low operating cost

Although the purchase investment is greater than the traditional marking equipment, the metal laser mark has a faster marking speed and a smaller energy consumption. Fiber laser marking machines are easy to operate, do not require many consumables. As long as the laser is working properly, the laser marker can achieve long-term continuous marking. Comprehensively, it has a great advantage over the traditional marking method of cost and overall technical benefits.

Non-contact processing

The fiber laser marking energy carrier is a uniform wavelength beam. When irradiating the surface of the material, the beam does not produce any mechanical stress. Therefore, it does not affect the mechanical properties of the material, and eliminate chemical and noise pollution. Mark is clean and tidy.

Powerful adaptability

Fiber laser marking machine can be labeled most of the metals and some non-metallic materials. Due to the use of computer intelligence control, the fiber laser marker can quickly adjust the tag content, including bar code, QR code, etc. by software. It is also compatible with a variety of file formats, such as DXF, BMP, JPG, CAD, CDR, DWG, etc. provide great convenience for flexible processing.

Environmental protection

Fiber laser marking machine have no pollution sources, which is a method of processing cleaning and environmental protection.


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What can fiber laser marking machine do?

From a functional point of view, fiber laser engraving machines can be implemented:

1. Popularization in metal materials and some plastics;

2. Markers on alumina. This is achieved by an optical fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width, which is different from a normal fiber laser mark;

3. Color mark on metal. This requires some adjustments and attempts to mark various colors according to the parameters of the material and can be marked on stainless steel;

4. Line flight marker. This means that the fiber laser engraver is combined with the assembly line, marked when feeding. It greatly improves work efficiency and is suitable for labeled items that need to be marked on the assembly line.

In terms of materials, fiber laser carving plants have significant advantages to labeling high hardness, high melting points and brittle materials. In other words, most metal materials and certain non-metallic materials such as plastic can be labeled by fiber laser markers. For example, ordinary metals and alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.), rare metal (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxide, special surface treatment (phosphating, aluminum anode oxidation, plating surface), ABS, Epoxy resin

Applicable industry

Fiber laser marking machine have various industries.

Automotive industry: Bearings, steel jackets, piston rings, engine labels, buttons on automotive panels, machine accessories, etc.

Electronic communication industry: mobile phone key, keyboard, electronic component, home appliance board, optical cable, cable, etc.

Hardware Tools Industry: Tools, Measuring Tools, Tools, Hygiene, Tableware, Lock, Tools and Scissors, Medical Equipment, Fitness Equipment, etc.

Jewelry Industry: Button, Luggage, Belt buckle, gold and silver jewelry, leather bag, belt sign, badge, attendance card, business card, etc.

Advertising industry: welcome sign, calendar, photo frame, pen and pencil box, certificate, trophy, medal, certificate, collector, art, stamp, plaque, etc.

Instrumentation industry: metal watch box, glasses frame, instrument and equipment panel, metal, etc.

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