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Answers to frequently encountered problems of CNC cutting machine manufacturer CNC

As a manufacturer of row drilling equipment, we are often asked questions that seem unimportant to our customers but very suspicious to them. Here, CNC cutting machine manufacturers have sorted out some user consultation questions for friends who have the same questions to watch.

Linear ATC CNC Wood RouterThe longest center distance of the CNC row drills I have seen is 640. Why do some colleagues insist that it is 672? what is going on? How to grow 32? Are there any two length machines on the market that I haven’t seen? Strange, I came to Baolin today to discuss this issue.

The center distance of the CNC row drill is planned and formulated according to the various needs of users. The 672-long center-to-center distance your colleague said does exist. This kind of machine has two motors, one motor is 320 and the other is 640, but there will be a gap of 32 in the middle, which adds up to 672, but the single motor is not that long.

furniture cutting machine

How to maintain the CNC row drill? Is it ok to cut off the power directly?

After the work is completed, arrange the machine in time.

Arrange the guide rails and the surrounding wood chips to avoid jamming the machine due to the interference of wood chips during operation.

Arrange the lead screw regularly to avoid foreign objects sticking to the lead screw. The lead screw is the top priority of the equipment, it affects the accuracy of the machine, and the lead screw plays an important role in the transmission process.

Regular layout of industrial control box, dust is the biggest killer of drilling.

The slide rails of the drill row should be dusted and oiled every week.

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Are the hinge holes drilled with a CNC row drill? Our factory uses a row drill to drill holes, but the depth is too deep and easy to penetrate. It just breaks the board. So be careful every time you punch holes, for fear that it will be troublesome to punch through the board in large quantities. Is there a better way to safely punch holes?

Generally, small factories use row drilling processing, and large factories use professional punching machine processing. Very common now. When drilling holes with a row drill, it is recommended to press a board on it, which can greatly reduce the risk of drilling.

Drills of the same length produce holes of different depths. After researching for a long time, I can’t find the reason? 16 thick plate, super deep will break. what is the reason? Urgent teach us how to do?

There are several possible reasons, one is that the machine is not flat, and the other is that the plane of the drill bit is different. It is recommended to purchase drill bits from the same manufacturer to ensure the same depth.

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