How Does The Bridge Saw Cutting Machine Cut The Kitchen Stove?

Bridge saw cutting machine is an automatic stone machining equipment that can complete the processing of pentahedron special-shaped curved surfaces at one time through five-axis linkage control, CNC bridge saw, also known as granite bridge saw, bridge saw machine, is a kind of marble stone machine for cutting granite countertops, marble tile, stone tile, ceramics, etc.


Bridge Saw Cutting Machine


For some marble processing workers, when using a stone cutting machine to cut the stove, they need to set the original size on the basis of the original size. Of course, because the front and rear sizes are different, they are both fixed when installing and adjusting. There are different methods and requirements.

The owner needs to buy suitable materials before decorating the kitchen. For the material selection of cabinets and countertops, practicality and corrosion resistance should be considered. Of course, price is also one of the very important factors, especially for its hardness and In terms of protection, both are very important.

It is worth noting that for stone, it is very popular, after all, its hardness is very good, so when using a stone cutting machine for stone cutting, we must pay attention to the application characteristics of the material.

The first step to operating a bridge saw cutting machine is proper setup and safety check of the machine. This includes making sure the diamond blade installed on the saw is appropriate for whatever type of stone you will be cutting, that it is the correct size for the bridge saw, and also that it is properly installed. You should also check the water pump, as well as any power cords, cables or belts, and if applicable, the oil and petrol levels for the motor.
It is also the bridge saw operator’s responsibility to wear the right personal protective equipment and to make sure that other people nearby are protected.

When it is time to cut, the stone should be placed on the table underneath the bridge of the bridge saw. The blade should be aligned with the mark along which the stone is to be cut. First, power on the water pump and double check that water is flowing freely over the blade. Then, you can turn on the blade.


5 Axis Bridge Saw Stone Cutting Machine


Bridge Saw Cutting Machine Features:
·The machine adopt cast iron on the main part of machine body ensure stability while cutting
·The cutting speed is controlled by inverter to achieve stepless adjustment, the head movements, table title up, rotation and position use hydraulic transmission to move. it can be cut by manually and fully automatic easily.
·It adopts PLC programmable control system and touch screen operator and combined with high precision encode positioning(Omron brand encoder)
·The worktable is controlledby hydraulic rotation and also can be locked in any position Manually
·It is applicable to cutting the valuable and large sized stone board for many specifications

The bridge saw cutting machineconsists of crossbeam, spindle box, lifting components, worktable parts, PLC control system, hydraulic system ,infrared ray unit and automatic lubrication system

Applicatable materials: Marble, Granite, standstone, glass, headstone, tablet, such as ceramic engraving and cutting machine.

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