Four Process Nested CNC Router

Why does the CNC cutting machine use the reducer as the carrier of operation?

The CNC cutting machines we know all use the reducer as an important component. As we all know, the synchronous belt has a certain tension, which will lead to a decrease in accuracy after a long time of use, and the CNC cutting machine has very strict requirements on the accuracy of the machine. Why use a reducer? What role can this component play? Let’s take a look at Superstar CNC with everyone~

Four Process Nested CNC Router 1.The operation of CNC cutting machine is generally heavy load and high precision:

This is characterized by the fact that the torque required to move the load often far exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself. This problem can be solved by increasing the output torque of the servo motor through the reducer.

Four Process Nested CNC Router

2.Lifting torque:

The way to increase the output torque may directly increase the output torque of the servo motor, but this method requires the use of an expensive and high-power servo motor, and the motor must have a stronger structure. The increase in torque is proportional to the increase in control current. At this time, a relatively large driver is used, and the size of the power electronic components and related electromechanical equipment increases, which will greatly increase the cost of the control system.

3.Increase the efficiency of use:

In theory, increasing the power of the servo motor is also a way to increase the output torque. By increasing the speed of the servo motor twice, the power density of the servo system can be doubled, and there is no need to increase the specifications of the control system components such as the driver, that is No additional cost is required. And this requires the matching of the reducer to achieve the purpose of increasing the torque. Therefore, the development of high-power servo motors requires the use of reducers, rather than omitting them.

4.Improve performance:

It is understood that the improper matching of the load inertia is one of the reasons for the instability of the servo control. For large load inertia, the inverse square ratio of the reduction ratio can be used to adjust the appropriate equivalent load inertia to obtain the control response. So from this point of view, the reducer is a suitable match for the control response of the servo application.

5.Increase the service life of the equipment:

The reducer can also solve the attenuation of the low-speed control characteristics of the motor. Since the controllability of the servo motor will be attenuated to a certain extent due to the reduction of the speed, it is especially easy to see the stability of the signal acquisition and current control at low speed. Therefore, the use of a reducer enables the motor to have a higher rotational speed.

That’s it for the introduction of the CNC cutting machine reducer. Thank you for reading IGOLDEN CNC~

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