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The reason for the burr of the CNC cutting machine

Now the use of CNC cutting machine is more and more popular, but there are also many problems in this regard. The following editor will briefly introduce the reasons for the burr of the plate processed by the cnc wood router machine.

furniture cutting machineIntroduced from five aspects:

  1. The sharpness of the knife

The CNC cutting machine cuts the material with a tool, and the sharpness of the tool directly affects the roughness of the cutting surface. Assuming that the tool is not sharp enough, the plate that is driven in will show the phenomenon of edge collapse. The editor recommends that the cutting rate should not be too fast when the tool is in poor condition.

ATC nesting CNC machine

  1. Sheet material:

The boards used in cutting are MDF and particleboard. These two kinds of plates are relatively high in hardness, cheap and easy to process. These two kinds of plates are pressed, which means that they are not a whole, and if the bonding strength is not strong, it is easy to have the phenomenon of edge collapse when the material is opened.

  1. Spindle speed

Assuming that the spindle speed is insufficient, the plate driven by the CNC cutting machine is very likely to collapse. The spindle speed is adjusted to a high point. It should be noted that the adjustment should be made within the scope of use of the tool.

  1. Poor vacuum adsorption results

Some cutting machines do not have very strong adsorption capacity on the vacuum adsorption table. When the CNC carpenter cutting machine processes the products, the adsorption of the workpiece is not solid, which constitutes the displacement of the board, which is also the reason for the collapse of the board. The adsorption table like the fine adsorption holes on the table directly adsorbs the plate on the table has better adsorption results, and the force of the plate will be doubled and uniform, which directly improves the cutting accuracy.

  1. The tool clamping is not firm

The clamping of the cnc machine woodworking tool is not firm, which will cause the chipping of the plate and the damage of the tool in the process of processing the product.

The above is a brief introduction to the problem of burrs in the CNC cutting machine. I hope it will help you~

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