Panel Saw Cutting Machine

Wood Cutting Panel Saw Machine for Carpenter Making Furniture

The Introduction to Wood Cutting Panel Saw Machine

This Wood Cutting Panel Saw Machine use mobile worktable is pushed by hand to move back and forth to realize sawing processing. The scoring saw performs sawing in advance, and the main saw blade can use the tower wheel to change speed for sawing. The manual feed is light and labor-saving, the machining accuracy is high, and the good cutting quality is obtained.

Wood Cutting Panel Saw Machine

Product Description

This machine is suitable to cut Solid wood, Plywood, MDF board, Particle board & various kind of Laminated board. Compact and Rigid structure with high Precision performance.

The guide rail of the movable worktable is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy material, with high strength, no deformation, chrome-plated round bar structure, high positioning accuracy, and oxidation treatment on the surface of the worktable, which is beautiful and wear-resistant. The table saw can be applied to density boards, polished boards, wood-based boards, solid wood boards, ABS boards, PVC boards, etc. Cutting of plates.

Salient Features:

1.Apply to processing all kinds of density boards, shaving boards, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels, organic glass plates and solid wood and others with wood structure and similar hardness.

2.Movable table guide track is plating chromium steel bars structure, exact and durable.

3.With oxidation treatment, movable table surface is beautiful and hardwearing.

4.Tilt angles of main and scoring saw blades are displayed directly by precision inclinome

5.Electric lifting saw blade

6.saw blade can be adjust with 45 degree


  1. Max. adjustable angle of main saw blade: 45º or 90º
  2. Slide rail type: Altendrof structure (A), round rod structure(D) or linear structure(Z).
  3. Saw blade lifting and tilting system (manual or electric)
  4. Sliding table length from 1500mm to 3800mm (usually we have 1600, 2200, 2600, 2800, 3000, 3200, 3800mm).
  5. All the sliding table saw have CE certification.

Wood Cutting Panel Saw MachineWood Cutting Panel Saw MachineWood Cutting Panel Saw MachineWood Cutting Panel Saw Machine

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