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How much is the CNC cutting machine for woodworking machinery

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Wooden Door Making ATC CNC Router MachineWith the increasing demand for woodworking CNC cutting machines, many manufacturers have appeared in the market, and the specifications and types of equipment are also varied. Therefore, to a certain extent, it also increases the difficulty for consumers to choose. When purchasing equipment, what elements should be compared and paid attention to?

CNC Router Nesting Machine

  1. Select a manufacturer with systematic production and complete qualifications in all aspects, which can be distinguished through communication with the manufacturer. Whether the woodworking cutting machine manufacturer has a professional production team and professional technology determines the customer’s trust and the quality of the machine produced.
  2. In terms of parts, woodworking cutting machines have high requirements on accuracy, speed and reliability. The general CNC cutting machine cannot meet the standard requirements of furniture manufacturers, so manufacturers with guaranteed technology and processing technology should be selected.
  3. Select the appropriate model. Manufacturers with strong comprehensive strength can choose automatic loading and unloading equipment, while small custom furniture factories with limited comprehensive assets can choose four-process cutting machine. The equipment can be installed with different knife types, which can not only ensure the cutting speed, but also ensure the processing quality.
  4. At the level of after-sales service, service items are also very important for the selection of woodworking cutting machines. See if the manufacturer has a local after-sales maintenance service point and a professional after-sales maintenance service elite team. This is also a point that needs to be fully considered when purchasing machinery and equipment, so as to avoid problems in the later stage and not find the relevant person in charge or even cause greater losses.

Follow-up in-line automatic tool change machining center

Judging from the current market situation, to choose a woodworking CNC cutting machine with excellent quality, we need to choose a more systematic and professional manufacturer, and choose accessories with high precision, high speed and high reliability. At the same time, we also need to consider the equipment. After-sales service.

The advantages of using automatic woodworking cutting machine:

Improve cutting accuracy

Compared with traditional machines, the configuration of the automatic woodworking cutting machine has been improved, the control system has also been upgraded and optimized, the data processing is more accurate and fast, and the operation of the equipment is more stable. With the increase of automatic tool setting function, the operator can use the equipment more conveniently and ensure the machining accuracy of the equipment.

The system automatically switches between various tools

The woodworking cutting machine can realize automatic tool change by switching the cylinder. When drilling, if the hole diameter is large, the processing of three-in-one hole and large-diameter wooden pin hole can be realized by reaming to meet the production process requirements. In addition, it can realize automatic grooving, automatic cutting, and automatic feeding, with a high degree of automation.

Improve sheet utilization

Using professional disassembly software, it can realize the rapid design and disassembly of custom wardrobes, intelligent typesetting, and zero error. The production splitting software can produce according to the existing production task list, and can warn the raw material inventory during the production process, so as to achieve the requirement of zero waste of plates.

save labor

The automatic woodworking cutting machine has a high degree of automation and can be operated by one person. In addition, professional cutting software is very simple to use. Furniture can be customized according to customer requirements, no professional designer is required. If the automatic loading and unloading platform is used together, more labor can be saved, so that the work of two or three workers can be completed by one person, which improves production efficiency and saves labor input.

Improve security

Since the cutting machine can realize functions such as intelligent typesetting, automatic cutting, punching, and grooving, it is not necessary to manually touch the plate for production during the cutting process, which further improves the safety performance.

In summary, due to the advantages of high processing precision, high degree of automation, high utilization rate of panels, labor saving, safety, etc., more and more panel furniture manufacturers choose to use them.

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