Analyze The Selection Method Of Wood Router CNC

What Is A Wood Router CNC?
CNC in itself means computer numerical control which when simply put is just following commands sent from the computer. Having someone holding your hand to draw something is analogous to what the computer does to the router. The router houses several spinning spindles attached to drill bits, which from information from the computer removes material in all three dimensions to produce an identical piece.

Dual Spindle 3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine

Woodworking CNC Router Machine Inverter

1) The purpose of using frequency conversion; constant voltage control or constant current control, etc.
2) The load type of the woodworking cnc router machine inverter; such as vane pump or positive displacement pump, etc., pay special attention to the performance curve of the load, the performance curve determines the way and method of application.
3) The matching problem of wood router cnc inverter and load;
I. Voltage matching; the rated voltage of the engraving machine inverter matches the rated voltage of the load.
II. Current matching; the rated current of ordinary centrifugal pumps and engraving machine inverters is consistent with the rated current of the motor. For special loads such as deep water pumps, it is necessary to refer to the motor performance parameters to determine the current and overload capacity of the engraving machine inverter with the maximum current.
III. Torque matching; this situation may occur under constant torque load or when there is a deceleration device.

4) When using the wood router cncinverter to drive a high-speed motor, due to the low reactance of the high-speed motor, the increase in high-order harmonics leads to an increase in the output current value. Therefore, the capacity of the engraving machine inverter used for high-speed motors is slightly larger than that of ordinary motors.
5) If the inverter of the engraving machine needs to run with a long cable, measures should be taken to suppress the impact of the long cable on the ground coupling capacitance to avoid insufficient output of the inverter of the engraving machine. Therefore, in this case, the capacity of the inverter of the engraving machine should be enlarged by one. Or install an output reactor at the output end of the inverter of the engraving machine.
6) For some special applications, such as high temperature and high altitude, this will cause the derating of the inverter of the engraving machine. The inverter capacity of the engraving machine should be enlarged by one block.

Wood Router CNC Features:
1. More steady and strong equipped with thicker gantry and T-type square steel tube machine bed.
2. Linear square guide rails, high precision and long life time, rack and pinion transmission, high speed.
3. Good soft ware compatibility, all kinds of CAD/CAM ,such as Type3, ArtCam, Castmate, UcanCam, Artcut engraving software, Coredraw, etc.
4. Simple operation and installation, when delivery we will provide the videos for trainning.

Dual Spindle 3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine

How it works
A CNC wood router works almost the same as any other CNC machine. A CNC machine or a Computer Numerically Controlled system which uses computer software and CNC controller electronics to drive a mechanical system. Using this setup, it is possible to achieve far better accuracy and precision than a human operator.

A traditional CNC router can move and cut in three directions which are usually referred to at the X, Y, and Z directions. The X-axis is usually the longest of the three running front to back. The Y-axis runs from left to right while the Z-axis runs up and down. Below you can see each axis labeled respectively.

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