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Four axis cutting machine allows you to lead the trend in furniture production

The Four axis cutting machine is a CNC machine tool that can automatically change tools and process plates. The Four axis cutting machine can actively change the tool for the production of customized panel furniture and cabinet doors and other cabinet doors. The tool change speed is fast, and the tool change can be completed in 8 seconds. The Four axis cutting machine is a dual-purpose equipment. It can be a Four axis cutting machine for custom furniture, and it can also be a Four axis cutting machine for cabinet doors and carvings.

woodworking engraving machineFeatures of the four-process product:

  1. Multiple spindle motors work at the same time, which can complete the processing of products in large quantities. Advanced automatic tool change program, without manual intervention, the program is executed automatically. The vacuum adsorption table is equipped with a vacuum pump with strong adsorption force. The six-zone design can strongly adsorb materials of different areas and greatly improve work efficiency.
  2. The bed of the Four axis cutting machine (high-speed) is treated by a giant gantry planer and tempered at high temperature to ensure that the machine body has small deformation, good rigidity, high strength, firmness without deformation, and durability.
  3. The key mechanisms of the equipment are assembled with precision parts. Equipped with high-torque servo motor, high-precision gears, imported rack and pinion transmission, high power and stable operation, the machine tool has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, high speed, and high positioning accuracy.
  4. Powerful dust collection system to ensure no dust flying during processing
  5. The adsorption system ensures that the board does not run during the processing, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and avoids the waste of the board.
  6. The automatic lubrication system only needs one touch. Easily complete regular maintenance.
  7. The running speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The air travel speed can reach more than 45-60 meters per minute, and it can reach a speed of more than 20 meters in the production of wave plate carving.
  8. Imported operating system, split keyboard control, color LCD screen, more powerful functions.
  9. It has functions such as break point memory, continuous engraving after power failure, and processing time prediction to ensure continued processing in the next day.

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Multi-head Woodworking Door Cutting Machine

Four axis cutting machine programming request

  1. First, make reasonable technical analysis and technical planning for processing needs.
  2. According to the processing batch and other conditions, determine the type of tool for active tool change.
  3. In order to improve the utilization rate of the machine tool, try to use the external pre-adjustment of the tool, and fill in the measurement scale in the tool card, so that the operator can determine the tool compensation parameters before running the program.
  4. Try to arrange the programs with different process contents into different subroutines.
  5. Except for the tool change program, the programming method of the machining base is basically the same as that of the CNC milling machine.

The whole function of the Four axis cutting machine

  1. The Four axis cutting machine body is welded with 8 mm thick seamless steel pipes, and the five-face milling processing base is used to mill the guide table, punching, tapping and other operations to ensure the accuracy of the machine bed. The long-term nature.
  2. On the basis of ensuring the accuracy and service life of the bed, the Four axis cutting machine ensures that each accessory can perform great functions.
  3. The planning of the whole machine is fully developed and improved by the company’s research and development department based on customer feedback and the service life of the parts.
  4. From the structure of the machine bed to the final installation, every step of the machine is to install the machine.

The above is to introduce you to the relevant knowledge of the Four axis cutting machine. Through the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding? Choose cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, panel furniture production line, etc. to Jinan Superstar CNC, the company has a wealth of products, with dozens of models of products such as CNC engraving processing centers, CNC processing centers, wood engraving and milling processing centers, solid wood processing centers, etc., to meet the individual needs of customers.

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