4 Axis Woodworking CNC Router with Rotary Axis

Woodworking CNC For Sale_CNC Router Manufacturer

IGOLDENCNC is a professional CNC manufacturer of CNC router machines (3 axis cnc router,4 axis cnc router machines ,5 axis cnc router machines,wood cnc routers, atc cnc router machines, aluminum cutting machine, stone engraving cnc router,metal milling cnc router), CNC Laser machines (Laser cutter machines ,Laser engraver machines , Laser marker machines),CNC Plasma cutter machines,CNC Knife cutter machines,and others cnc machine. Which Located in Jinan city (the hometown of CNC Machinery in China), has been steadily developing more than 12 years in the Market.

TechPro CNC Machine for sale table Area:

CNC machines have working area 600*900mm(2′ x 3′), 600*1200mm(2′ x 4′), 1300*900mm(4′ x 3′), 1300*2500mm(4′ x 8′), 1500*3000mm(5′ x 10′ ) etc. we accept custom sizes of cnc machine as customer request. then provide the professional low cost of affordable cnc machine for you .

CNC Router machines

CNC Router machine main function is drilling, carving, milling, engraving and cutting. it have advertising cnc router, 3 axis, 4 axis  5 axis cnc routers, ATC cnc router, metal milling cnc router, stone engraving cnc router, 3d mold carving cnc router, panel furniture production line wood cnc router, and foam router cnc machines for sale, it is mainly suitable for production solutions: non-metal materials such as wood, MDF, cabinet doors, computer tables, panel furniture, stone, foam and metals: such as copper, aluminum and others metal mold etc.

3 Spindles 4*8 CNC Router Table

CNC Laser machines

CNC Laser machine have Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, Co2 mixed metal laser cutting machine, Co2 laser cutter engraver machine, fiber laser cutting machine. it is use for  Wood, Acrylic, Fabric, Glass Coated, Metals Ceramic, Cloth, Leather, Marble, Matte, Board, Melamine, Paper, Mylar, Rubber, Wood Veneer, Fiberglass, Painted Metals Tile, Plastic, Cork, Anodized, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass cutting engraving and marking.

Fiber Laser Cutting MachineCO2 Laser Engraving Machine 1325

CNC Plasma cutter machines

CNC Plasma cutter machines: have gantry type, Portable type, desktop type machine. it is suitable for low carbon steel plate, copper plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and titanium plate cutting etc.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter Machine

CNC Knife cutter machines

CNC Knife cutter machines: 1. have cnc router oscillating kinfe cutting machine; 2. professional oscillating kinfe cutting machine, it is suitable for carbon fiber, leather, PVC, fiberglass, fiber cotton, prepreg, aramid, ceramic fiber, XPE material, wire ring, silica gel, rubber, acrylic, kt plate cutting etc.


IGOLDENCNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. Our main products include ATC CNC router, 4-axis CNC router, high-end customized furniture production line, luxury CNC nesting machine, mature wardrobe nesting machine, CNC five-sided drilling, six-sided drilling, CNC machining center, automatic drilling machine, CNC drilling, etc.

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