Woodworking engraving machine

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Woodworking engraving machine is one of the most widely used CNC equipment. It can not only improve production efficiency, but also realize refined processing, which brings great advantages to all kinds of large and small enterprises.

Woodworking engraving machine can be used in various industries such as wooden doors, furniture, molds and many other craft carvings. Especially in the wood industry occupies an extremely important position. The huge market of woodworking engraving machines has also attracted the development direction of many engraving machine manufacturers, and they have entered the woodworking engraving machine market one after another. But at present, there are not many equipments that can be regarded as real woodworking engraving machines. So, what are the characteristics of a real woodworking engraving machine?

Woodworking engraving machineWhat are the features and advantages of woodworking CNC engraving machine?

①The vacuum adsorption pump is reasonably configured, the power consumption is guaranteed, and the adsorption is good;

②Unique double rack structure, the number of drive shafts on each side of the rack is increased from 1 to 2, which ensures the smooth operation of the machine in long-term work, and there will be no engraving phenomenon after a long time-long-term engraving and cutting are not square, The phenomenon that the engraving is not round;

Woodworking engraving machine

③The speed of the double-head woodworking engraving machine is currently the fastest in China. The guide rails of the double-motor-driven woodworking engraving machine are all linear and square guides, which have long service life and high precision; the double-motor-driven woodworking engraving machine is completely out of the control mode, and the operation is simple. , completely separated from the computer, so that the computer is not affected by the harsh environment; the X-axis dust-proof structure of the double-head woodworking engraving machine avoids the machine from easily entering dust under high-speed movement, causing damage to the track slider.

With the advent of the mechanical age, CNC engraving machines have gradually become the main equipment for large and small enterprises to help production and improve production efficiency. Let me share with you the precautions for using the engraving machine, especially for the novice friends who use the CNC engraving machine for the first time.

Woodworking engraving machine

Precautions for the use of the engraving machine

  1. To learn woodworking engraving machine, you must first learn basic theoretical knowledge. Some people think it doesn’t matter. In fact, the principle of engraving machine is closely related to our use of woodworking engraving machine. Only by mastering the basic knowledge of woodworking engraving machine can we use woodworking better. engraving machine.
  2. It is necessary to correctly understand the knives of the woodworking engraving machine, and understand the characteristics and application scope of each knives.
  3. Familiar with the commonly used consumables of engraving machine, mechanical products have some wearing parts, which need to be replaced regularly. Customers need to be aware of these wearing parts and replace them in a timely manner when problems arise.Woodworking engraving machine
  4. Understand the maintenance of woodworking engraving machine. The service life of the machine has a lot to do with the usual maintenance. At this stage, customers should master the maintenance knowledge of woodworking engraving machine.
  5. The operation of the engraving machine software and the core steps of operating the engraving machine need to be carefully studied.
  6. Machine operation, real machine operation will be performed at this stage to complete the entire engraving process of the product.

There are many types and functions of woodworking engraving machines. The above summary applies to all CNC engraving machines.

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