CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine

CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine for Sales

The CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine, also called CNC Door Lock Mortising Machine, is specially designed for the production of wooden doors. It can not only carving the door panel, but also complete the processing of lock mortising, lock slot and lock step slot of the wooden door at one time.

CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine

What is Used for?

The CNC router for door lock hole making is mainly used for processing wooden doors, door frames, door locks, door lock steps, hinge holes, craft holes, etc. Various technological processing can be completed by one-time feeding and positioning. The wooden door is easy to clamp, and the function of multiple knives to switch freely is powerful. It is simple and convenient to operate, and is provided with a powerful system and sound CAM software.

Features of the Lock Making Machine

  1. Dedicated door lock hole control system. It has built-in CAM software, rich door lock hole shapes and modular operation, suitable for all kinds of door processing.
  2. Easy operation. A worker can operate this machine after simple training, requiring no professional programming personnel.
  3. The auxiliary loading and unloading device helps reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  4. Four horizontal spindles can be switched freely and automatically, which can realize different processes in one operation.
  5. It adopts a dedicated wooden door pressing plate worktable, which can secure the door firmly.
  6. Precise positioning of drilling and grooving positions with high processing accuracy.
  7. Taiwan linear guide rails, sliding blocks and high-quality ball screw ensure stable machine performance.

Application of the Lock Making Machine

1.It is mainly used to process wooden doors, door frames, window frames, sash slots, door locks, door lock steps, door lock hinges, etc .;

2.It is formed on the plane of a wooden door and the shape of a milling drill slot on the side of the keyhole;

3.It can also be used for slotting and drilling wooden furniture.

CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine

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