5 Axis CNC Gantry Router For 3D Wood Engraver Carving

5 axis cnc gantry router is a much more effective way to generate a wide range of job, and not just incredibly complex aerospace components.

5 Axis Moving Gantry CNC MachinesEven if you are not machining contoured surface areas, being able to get at more component functions in a single configuration can pay substantial returns in decreased complete cycle times, much better machine utilization as well as enhanced top quality. No question, a 5 axis cnc router machine is a lot more pricey than a typical VMC. However the worth of these advantages is significant. They will allow your store to a lot more cost-efficiently create a larger range of job.

5 axis cnc gantry router rely on a tool that moves in five different directions — X, Y, and Z, as well as A and B, around which the tool rotates. Using a 5-axis CNC machine lets operators approach a part from all directions in a single operation, eliminating the need to manually reposition the workpiece between operations. 5-axis CNC machining saves time and is ideal for creating complex and precise parts like those found in the medical, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. There are a few different kinds of 5-axis machines that product teams should be aware of, including indexed 5-axis CNC machines, continuous 5-axis CNC machines, and mill-turning CNC centers.

Like 3-axis CNC milling, the cutting tool only moves along three axes and doesn’t maintain continuous contact with the workpiece in indexed 5 axis cnc gantry router. However, the machining table and tool head can automatically swivel in two directions between operations. Indexed 5-axis machining is great for manufacturing housings, jigs, and fixtures. It falls somewhere between 3-axis CNC milling and continuous 5-axis CNC machining in terms of speed, precision, and the ability to handle complex geometries.

In continuous 5-axis CNC machining, the cutting tool and the workpiece can rotate and move simultaneously during operation, saving time and allowing operators to manufacture intricate geometries with organic surfaces. Continuous 5-axis CNC machining offers improved surface finish, speed, and dimensional stability, but it has the highest cost-per-part.

Advantages Of 5 axis cnc gantry router:

Fewer Setup
The first and most important point is the ability to machine complex shapes in a single setting. For contour parts or machining on multiple faces, 3-axis machine require multiple settings, which may lead to incorrect alignment, higher The cost and other errors. The five-axis machine can machine almost all visible surfaces except the bottom or clamping area. This capability greatly reduces the need for multiple settings or special fixtures. In some cases, it reduces the number of settings to one. This improves efficiency, saves time, reduces costs and prevents operator errors.

Complex Shapes
5-axis machining also provides the ability to machine extremely complex parts from a solid, and this type of machining can also save a lot of drilling time. Drilling a series of holes with different compound angles is very time consuming. With a five-axis machine, the drill can be automatically oriented along the correct axis for each hole, so that the drilling can be completed faster.

5-axis CNC machine can reach even the most complex angles. If your parts require complex 4D and 5D parts, then you need a machine shop equipped with 5-axis machines and the best operators. Combined with the highest finishing and tolerances, we are able to achieve complexity that cannot be achieved with 2-axis or 3-axis machine. It only needs to be set once, which can be transformed into higher productivity and higher workpiece quality.

This process allows you to machine complex parts that would otherwise require casting. If you have low-volume production or prototype manufacturing, you can machine parts in a few weeks instead of waiting months to complete the casting.

Amazing Accuracy, Efficiency and Cost Effective
5 axis cnc gantry router is the more efficient and accurate one among all similar products. Since the number of fixtures in multiple operations is small, the use of it can directly translate into better machined parts quality and durability. This means good parts, less waste, low mold costs and short working hours.

Every time the setting is changed, a small error occurs. Using fewer settings, or even only 1 setting, can eliminate this source of error, feature-to-feature accuracy is improved.

Shorter Cutting Tools
5 axis cnc gantry router allows you to use shorter cutting tools because you can lower the tool head and orient the tool appropriately. This helps achieve higher cutting speeds without putting too much pressure on the cutter. When the machine holds the tool well, the load on the tool is reduced, and the shorter cutting tool can reduce the vibration of the tool, thereby reducing unfortunate fracture and vibration.

Better Surface Finish
By using the fourth and fifth axis of rotation, we can move the part closer to the cutting tool. If the part can be closer to the cutting tool, the cutting tool can be shorter. Shorter cutting tools are less susceptible to vibration at higher cutting speeds, which directly affects surface finish. Shorter tools and less deflection mean less chattering and better surface finish.

Improve Tool Life
It can maintain a constant chip load and optimal cutting position, thereby extending the cycle time and life of the tool. Shorter tools have higher rigidity and will not cause excessive tool deflection, thereby prolonging the life of the tool.

What are the Applications of a 5 axis cnc gantry router?
5-axis CNC machining is the ideal approach for creating the complex, precise parts found in the medical, aerospace, and oil & gas industries. Common applications of 5-axis CNC machining include:

Aerospace: The ability to produce smooth, precise shapes and contoured edges lends itself well to intricate aerospace applications.
Medical equipment: The high precision of 5-axis CNC machining is especially appropriate for delicate medical equipment such as stents, medical devices, and implants.
Energy production: 5 axis cnc gantry router can provide detailed parts for use in energy production facilities, as well as wind turbine or compressor blades.

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