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What is a 5 axis CNC router machine?

The 5 axis CNC router is a 5 axis milling machine that can simultaneously engrave on the workpiece of five different faces. As with other CNC router machine, the basic machining operation of the 5 axis CNC router is on the three spindles of x, y, z; however, it can rotate its tools by two additional axes, a and b, which helps engraving tools more Appropriate, close to the surface of the workpiece, avoid interference.

The 5 axis CNC machine price has the advantage of high machining accuracy, especially for processing complex curved surface workpieces. Currently, it is the only means of solving the processing of impeller, blade, marine propeller, large diesel engine crankshaft. It plays an important role in aerospace, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical care, etc.

Most 5 axis machining center are used for 5 axis wood engraving machines, some suppliers provide a 5 axis router with table movement and rotation, in some cases are also a good choice.

5 axis CNC Router Advantage 3 The most important point of view:

Power processing capacity, avoiding tool interference: 5 axis CNC router has a 5 way machining capacity, tool bits can process more directions, avoid tool interference, which is better than the 3 axes of the tool, and the tool in a direction of 4 axes swing;

Reduce settings, saving time: The extra 2 axis or spindle rotation and oscillating causes the tool bit to reach more space than the 3 axis or 4 axis CNC, so it does not need to be set to meet the specific processing requirements of the position and direction;

High efficiency, lower cost: When using this type of router, we can always make the bottom of the tool end with the workpiece is perfect, effective points, then we can set higher feeding speed, generate less calories, but get more The quality surface, this operation also makes the tool life;


It can handle wood, polyester, wood alternative, wood, polyurethane foam (EPS), resin, gypsum, sludge, and non-metallic carbonized mixing.

Widely applicable to production of various high-precision three-dimensional products, such as large car molds, Dragon molds, cartoon characters, garden 3D sculptures.

It applies to internal parts, automotive models, ceramic hygiene tools, ships, yachts, aerospace chemical, wind power, rail transport, solid wood furniture.

Next we recommend two hot sale 5 axis CNC machine

Best 5 axis CNC machine center for mold making

5 axis cnc router machine


Advanced 5 axis CNC Router, also known as 5 axis CNC machining center, small 5 axis cnc machine, good spatial curved surface treatment, shape processing, hollow processing, stamping, tilt drilling, chamfering, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, military scientific research, precision machinery, high-precision medical equipment, normal manufacturing, etc.

5 axis machining center CNC router uses ATC function, easy to complete full processing of complex parts, from mill millings, slots, drilling, sawing, blind eye, mortise, etc., combined with an advanced model designed by IGOLDENCNC, combined with competition.

Multifunction 5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine for Sink Making

5 axis cnc router machine

The stone bridge cutting machine can achieve shaped processed by cutting, chamfering, edge, imitation, milling, drilling, opening, fillet, arc, etc. Simple operation, powerful practicability. Various configurations are available.


The high-efficiency 5-axis stone cutting machine designed by IGOLDENCNC adopts a high-intensity mechanical structure, which is ideal for dealing with special shapes of stone manufacturers. Imported linear rails are used to ensure accuracy and provide a group of competition configurations.

  • Decoration Industry: Special shape lines and embossed engraving on stone wall background wall;
  • Stone countertop bits and European borders: suitable for cabinets stone, quartz, granite, marble countertops, sink, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, special shape bar counter, stone coffee table stand, basin hole cutting, back – Arc water formation and polishing, etc .;
  • 45 degree side cutting, 90 degree liner splicing and shaped processing;
  • Drilling, grinding, trimming, cutting, polishing and engraving other special shapes of stones, ceramics, glass and ceramic stones.

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