6 Spindles 3D CNC Woodworking Machines

6 Heads 3D CNC Woodworking Machines for Sale

6 Heads CNC Router is specially designed for customers with batch production needs. 6 spindles work together to process 6 products at one time. It is mainly used in the furniture industry, decoration industry, musical instrument industry, mould industry, crafts industry, building model industry, advertising industry, etc.

6 Spindles 3D CNC Woodworking MachinesMulti head CNC router machine with multi spindle and rotary table is used for 3D CNC machining of cylinders, stair balusters, stair spindles, statue, buddha, furniture feet, table legs, newel posts, corbel, baseball bats, arts & crafts, and more rotary woodworking projects. Now 2021 top rated multi spindle CNC router machine for sale at affordable price.

6 Spindles 3D CNC Woodworking Machines

This is a multi-spindle engraving machine with six spindles. Six spindles can work at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency. So this multi spindle CNC machine is ideal for larger production companies.


  1. 6 sets water cooling spindle with 6 pieces spindle clamp, which can promote the efficiency of working and processing.
  2. Weihong NC PM95A control system with computer control box, which can support 4 axes to work at the same time.
  3. Multi-function working surface, half of the working table is T-slot table, and the other half is designed with 6 set rotary devices which could engrave cylinder workpiece.
  4. All parameters and accessories can be selected and customized according to user requirements.

What is Multi Head CNC Router Machine?

Multi head CNC router machine is a type of industrial CNC machine that can cut & carve the same pattern on different project with multiple spindles at the same time, which greatly increases the machining speed and completes the work efficiency of multiple devices at the same time. In some cases where the machining volume is not large, a single spindle can also work independently, effectively and reasonably control the production cost. When batch processing, the product consistency is good, and the quality is high, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment. One machine is multi-purpose, economical and affordable.

The bed of the multi head CNC router machine adopts an overall thick-walled all-steel structure design. After welding and tempering aging treatment, it has strong rigidity, strong strength and stable rotation, so that it will not be deformed or shaken during long-term high-speed operation.

Multi spindle CNC router machine adopts Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail drive, three-axis full square rail, can carry out heavy cutting, high processing speed and high efficiency. At the same time, it adopts the international brand micro-step subdivided stepping motor and high-speed driver, with large power, stable transmission, and stable performance, ensuring that the machine can run at high speed without intermittent for a long time, up to an idle speed of more than 20 meters per minute.

Advantages of the 3D CNC Machines 

Multi head CNC Router with 12 spindles and rotary table is dedicated to fit the demand of machining on dimension 3d product. This kind of CNC router can be determined based on machined material, and 3D multi-machining can also be achieved by equipping ordinary CNC machine with rotary axis. The 12 heads CNC router comes with various specifications to fit different customers’ demands.

Applications of the 6 Spindles 3D CNC Router

Stereo 3D technology, furniture stereo feet and the cylinder, human body, buddha, goddess of mercy, sculpture, handicrafts, stair handrail, musical instruments.3D multi spindle CNC routers can handle 3D machining on wood, stone, and soft metals. Huge range of machining enables the multi head CNC machine to satisfy the needs for furniture making, decorations, gifts, arts & crafts manufacturing.

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