6060 Mould CNC Router Engraving Machine

6060 Mould CNC Router Engraving Machine for Sale

Mould CNC Engraving Machine iGW-MST Mini carving machine is a small CNC woodworking machine semi-protective device. It has high accuracy, good performance, low price, small footprint, and is mainly used for various small mould engraving. It is widely used in the mould industry, industrial processing and handicraft processing industry.

6060 aluminum milling router suitable for all sorts of materials such as steel,copper,aluminum and plastics.It is widely used in processing metal (aluminum, brass, stainless steel), wood, acrylic, dual color board, plastic, stone, glass as well as many other nonmetal materials, and can do perfect 2D/3D carving or cutting.

6060 Mould CNC Router Engraving Machine

Product Description of the CNC Router Engraving Machine

The CNC Router Machine 6060 is currently the most suitable machine for processing small materials and is the first choice for manufacturers. It will make the material utilization high, reduce waste, and work efficiently. It is a cost-effective machine. The machine is small, easy to place and has low noise. It is very suitable for processing small products, mainly for advertising, wood products, small crafts.

Semi Enclosed CNC Mini Carving Machine

It has fast processing speed and large engraving size. The overall frame structure is reasonable, and the square guide rail is used. The steel shape is good and the transmission is smooth. Due to its large processing size, the material is saved to a large extent and the efficiency is high. This machine has higher precision, and both the spindle and the table can be moved. On the other hand, the machine is heavier. With these features, it is more accurate. Moreover, it is heavier and has a thicker material, so it is not easily deformed. As a result, the stability is higher and has a longer service life.

Semi Enclosed CNC Mini Carving Machine

Machine Features of the CNC Engraving Machine

  1. Casting fuselage has high stability, strong and durable, which greatly prolongs the service life of the machine.
  2. CNC router machine 6060 use Taiwan imported straight-line square rail to ensure stable operation and improve carving accuracy.
  3. Three-axis dust-proof design, perfectly maintain the internal cleanliness of the machine, reduce wear and tear;
  4. Well-known brand water-cooled frequency conversion spindle, strong power, low noise, can maintain long-term stable work;
  5. Exclusive fuselage technology, give full play to the maximum efficiency of each component;
  6. High-performance subdivision driver to ensure high-speed, high-precision sculpture;
  7. Platform mobile design can ensure long-term use without distortion and accurate positioning.
  8. Super compatibility, compatible with type 3 / Artcam / Castmate / UG / Carving / Wentai and other CAD, CAM design and production software.

Applicable Materials

The CNC Router Machine 6060 is widely used in advertising, seal processing, handicrafts, special instrument processing, small mold processing, etc. This machine can engrave a variety of metal or non-metallic materials, such as wave plate production, special-shaped cutting of various kinds of wood-based panels, neon groove literal cutting, plastic-absorbing lamp box mold production, Acrylic, copper, PVC board, artificial stone, MDF board and other kinds of plate processing.

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