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Advantages of Multi-spindle CNC Router

Multi-spindle CNC Router

A multi-spindle CNC router is a type of computer-controlled cutting machine that has multiple spindles, or cutting heads, that can move independently and simultaneously. This allows the machine to cut multiple parts or perform multiple operations on a single part at the same time, which can significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood Routers

Multi-spindle CNC routers are used in a variety of industries, including woodworking, plastics, and metalworking, to cut, shape, and carve materials into precise shapes and sizes. They are capable of cutting a wide range of materials, including wood, plastics, composites, and metals, and can be used to create a variety of products, such as furniture, cabinetry, signage, and automotive parts.

The advantage of a multi-spindle CNC router is its ability to perform multiple cutting operations simultaneously, which can significantly reduce production time and increase output. For example, a machine with four spindles can cut four identical parts in a single pass, whereas a machine with only one spindle would need to make four separate passes to produce the same parts. This can result in significant time and cost savings for manufacturers.

Four Processes CNC Wood Router

A brief introduction to multi-spindle cnc router

The multi-spindle cnc router is a panel furniture cutting equipment. With four spindles, four different tools can be installed. Through the pneumatic automatic tool change, it can realize the functions of cutting, punching, grooving, engraving, loading and unloading of the plate. It can realize different processing requirements in the production of panel furniture. It can be used for cutting and punching the cabinet body, and it can also be used for simple door-shaped processing. By the way, our machines can be customized according to customer requirements.

Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

The Multi-spindle cnc router can complete the processing of office furniture, custom furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, computer desks, panel furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils, etc.

Advantages of multi-spindle cnc router

Can be used for wooden door and cabinet processing: from the structural point of view, the multi-spindle cnc router belong to the simple tool change model. The four spindles realize the tool change function through pneumatic switching.

Four-Processes CNC Router

Simple operation: Compared with the drilling cutting center machine, the operation of the four-process cutting machine is simpler and easier to learn. The intelligent control system and the humanized control interface design can be operated by the operator through training. The program automatically executes the processing requirements without manual intervention, and the processing efficiency is excellent.

The bed is processed by steel gantry, after high temperature tempering treatment, it has small deformation, good rigidity, high strength, and will not deform after long-term use.

Equipped with a vacuum adsorption table, the vacuum pump with strong adsorption force can strongly adsorb materials of different sizes. The partitioned manual vacuum control valve can control the adsorption according to the processing conditions, so the processing efficiency is good.

Equipped with adsorption dust removal equipment to reduce no dust flying during processing.

The oil injection system can automatically inject oil according to the time setting, complete the lubrication of the sliding wire guide , prolong the service life of the machine.

It has functions such as breakpoint memory, continuous engraving after power failure, and processing time prediction.

Our suggestion

Suitable for: As one of the furniture equipment of the panel furniture production line, the multi-spindle cnc router can process about 40 panels in eight hours a day. For small and medium-sized furniture factories, when the types of tools required are four or less, we recommend choosing a multi-spindle cnc router.

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