Portable CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

Portable CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine with Flame Cutting

What is the Portable CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine?

The Portable CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine can cut and process intersecting line workpieces very conveniently, without the operator’s calculation and programming. It only needs to input the pipe diameter, intersection angle and other parameters of the pipe intersecting system, and it can perform multiple intersection forms between the main pipe and several branch pipes. Calculation of intersecting lines, and complete multi-axis linkage control to achieve various complex intersecting line cutting.

Portable Flame and Plasma CNC cutting machine is mainly used in all kinds of metal plates (such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy), but also in the complex pattern of the above materials Processing.

Portable CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

Main Features of the Portable Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

  1. The whole machine structure is a portable cross-shaped structure, which is simpler to operate, lower in purchase cost, and more practical;
  2. The whole machine operating system is the Shanghai Jiaotong University tube-sheet dual-use numerical control system (can be equipped with Beijing Starfun CNC system). This system supports tube-sheet dual-use; the cutting program can be cut directly by changing parameters in the system, greatly reducing labor cost.
  3. It can realize the dual-purpose cutting method of flame plasma. The plasma can automatically adjust the arc voltage. The height adjuster adopts Hayes HP-105.

4.The cutting method is a tube-plate dual-purpose steel plate with a cutting range of 1500mm and a tube cutting diameter of 300mm

Advantages of the CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

  1. The portable pipe plate cutting machine is small and light. It can cut both flat plates and round pipes to realize multi-purpose.
  2. Install the plasma automatic height controller. During the machine cutting process, the cutting torch can automatically rise and fall according to the unevenness of the steel plate to prevent the cutting torch from crashing, extend the life of the cutting torch, and save costs.
  3. The control system has a graphic display function, which can observe the cutting process in real time. And supports 9 languages, it is easier to use your own native language to operate. With power-off memory function, you can continue cutting after the power-on, saving time for cutting from the beginning. There are 48 kinds of graphics, regular graphics can be directly used, change the size, set the quantity, save the computer drawing time and improve efficiency.
  4. Using well-known brand stepper motor driver, stable operation and low noise.
  5. Equipped with fully automatic nesting software, which saves time for typesetting and improves the utilization rate of steel plates.
  6. Optional: remote control, the control distance is 30 meters, the operation is more convenient.
  7. Optional: Plasma anti-collision holder, when the torch hits the steel plate, it will automatically stop to prevent the torch from crashing and save costs.
  8. Optional: flame automatic igniter, to avoid burning hands when using a lighter to ignite, and to ensure safety.

9.It can be equipped with various power plasma power sources, such as 100A, 130A, 200A, etc, to achieve plasma cutting. The plasma cutting speed is 3-5 times that of flame cutting, which improves production efficiency.

Portable CNC Plasma Cutting MachinePortable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


1.It is suitable for cutting various pipes. Cylindrical orthogonal, oblique, eccentric and other inertial holes, square holes, elliptical holes, and can cut the intersecting inertial lines at the end of the tube. The system can be converted in one piece and supports dual-purpose board and tube.

2.The equipment is widely used in the cutting and processing of pipeline structural parts in the construction, steel structure, chemical, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, power and other industries.

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