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What Is The Practicality Of Vacuum Adsorption Of ATC Woodworking CNC Router Machine

ATC woodworking cnc router machine is a kind of wood cutting and engraving machine mainly used for wood cutting and engraving. This woodworking cnc machine high-speed rotation of the spindle drives the milling cutter to engrave the material.

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ATC woodworking cnc router machinehas ordinary tabletop splint type and vacuum adsorption type. How practical is the vacuum suction woodworking cnc router machine?

1. Open the vacuum valve and do the next test. You will find that the absorption of flat wood boards is better. However, the adsorption effect of curved and uneven plates is not good.
2. Carved wooden door products, embossed products and other impervious products have a good adsorption effect. However, the absorption effect of hollow carving products that are cut through and cut through is not good.
3. In terms of time, manual fixation takes 2-4 minutes. The vacuum adsorption takes only 1-2 minutes. Time is better than manual fixation.

Vacuum adsorption woodworking cnc router machine, practical performance is quite good. Users of woodworking cnc router machine can choose the most suitable model according to the products they engrave.

There are many types of woodworking cnc router machines on the market, including plywood fixed table woodworking cnc router machines and vacuum adsorption fixed woodworking cnc router machines.

Vacuum adsorption woodworking cnc router machine is relatively expensive. The structure of the vacuum adsorption woodworking cnc router machine is composed of a vacuum adsorption table and a vacuum pump. In the market, there are generally six partitions for vacuum adsorption and eight partitions for vacuum adsorption. The vacuum suction table is composed of a point wood board with a thickness of about 5 cm, and the material is very hard. Punch six or eight holes on the top to achieve the function of strong suction.

The advantage of the vacuum worktable is that it can fix even irregular shaped boards tightly on the table top of the CNC router to ensure that no vibration will affect the engraving effect during the engraving process. Obviously, the vacuum worktable will improve the engraving accuracy to a certain extent, especially for thinner and lighter sheets.

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

Here Are Some Tips On Using CNC Router Vacuum Adsorption Holding Table.
1. Seal the work surface with rubber strip
2. If the atc woodworking cnc router machine does not only do whole sheet cutting but also engrave or cut on small plate, it is necessary to divide the whole vacuum table into six or eight small vacuum zones and seal the small zone with rubber strip; otherwise, air permeability will affect the vacuum holding performance. When working on small plate, it is better to turn off the vacuum valve of other small zones and only open the zone you are using.
3. If just do engraving, not cutting, it is better to make the sheet adsorbed on the vacuum table directly, no need to add one protection plate layer between them.
4. If do cutting, we strongly suggest placing a protective plate between the table and the work piece so to protect the vacuum table from damage. And the protective plate should be in range of 6-15mm thickness. The medium density board(MDF) is the best, because the poor permeability of the high density board will cause poor adsorption effect.
5. Each interface between the intake port and the pipe fittings must be sealed so as to ensure the air tight. This position is always ignored by the users.

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