What Is A 3 Axis CNC Router Engraver 3D Engraving Drilling Milling Machine Used For?

CNC machines can cut at a considerably higher speed, make much smoother edge finishes and produce a series of identical products as well as one-off pieces. So they have an extensive range of applications.

Double Head CNC Router Machine

What is a woodworking CNC router used for?

1. The cheapest 3 axis cnc router engraver 3d engraving drilling milling machine can be used for engraving, drilling, cutting and edge guiding, This is just the most basic use of woodworking CNC router. Therefore, this operation generally does not require computer control, but the operator must pay attention to protective measures when performing these operations to avoid personal injury.

2. Used in the manufacture of antique furniture, office furniture carvings, woodwork, calligraphy plaques, frame carvings, wooden speakers, lighting, identification signs, etc. This is one of the biggest uses of woodworking CNC Routers, and the operation in this area is very dependent on the operator’s skills, operating proficiency, etc. This operation basically requires computer control. Professional woodworking CNC Routers use the USB interface for data transmission. The biggest advantage of this control method is that the file can be completely separated from, shut down the computer or other typesetting after saving the file, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

3. It is used for furniture, store decoration, and some bamboo products, wooden kitchen utensils and so on. The operation of this 3 axis cnc router engraver 3d engraving drilling milling machine is more refined, so the control method is mainly controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. While the CNC Router is working, normal typesetting can also be carried out. But you can’t turn off the computer.

3 Axis CNC Router Engraver 3d Engraving Drilling Milling Machine

Features of 3 axis cnc router engraver 3d engraving drilling milling machine:
1. The laser head can leave various marks on a wide range of non-metallic materials, and then the spindle can move to cut out shapes. These two steps can be controlled in one program. 2. 9KW air-cooled spindle has a powerful cutting ability and stable operation for long-term operation. 3. T-slot vacuum worktable helps to fix the workpieces firmly to ensure good cutting precision. 4. All components and parts adopt famous-brand products, ensuring smooth and reliable operation and long service life of the CNC router.

Popular with the manufacturer with processing requirement of bulk and small size, which can save labour and time, the iGW-3AM24 CNC router for sale series is suitable for bulk woodworking processing.

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