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What is the difference between three-axis engraving and four-axis engraving machine?

Many customers and friends of the three-dimensional engraving machine have heard of or contacted the engraving machine with a three-axis machine plus a rotating axis. It seems that this is a four-axis engraving machine. This kind of engraving machine is generally used for cylindrical relief. , that is, to do relief engraving on the surface of the cylinder. Most of the materials are wood and stone, and some can be realized by this three-axis and rotary-axis engraving machine.

Three Process 1325 CNC RouterThe difference between the real and fake four-axis engraving machine:

The different engraving requirements determine the different models and configurations of the engraving machine. If there is a requirement for cylindrical three-dimensional engraving, a true four-axis engraving machine will be used. If it is only the engraving requirement of cylindrical plane relief, then only the three-axis system is required. The engraving machine with three axes plus rotating axis will do. After all, the price between the genuine four-axis system and the three-axis system is also somewhat different.

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But in fact, there is a big difference between a four-axis engraving machine and a real four-axis engraving machine. A four-axis engraving machine can only be called a real four-axis engraving machine and can complete the work that only a four-axis engraving machine can complete only if it is equipped with a special four-axis system and draws a special tool path–Cylindrical three-dimensional engraving.

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Three-axis round carving generally refers to the simultaneous carving of X, Z, and A axes, and can only do some regular and symmetrical round carving. Four-axis X, Y, Z, A simultaneous engraving, can do regular, irregular, symmetrical, asymmetric round carving. The real 4 axes are X, Y, Z, and A all moving, and only X (or Y), Z, and A are the false four axes. Depends on tool path software. There is no real four-axis and false four-axis, it is a kind of abbreviation.

The above is the relevant introduction about the three-dimensional engraving machine. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time~

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