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Automatic vacuum laminating machine is used in furniture industry

The Introduction of Automatic vacuum laminating machine

The Automatic vacuum laminating machine also called vacuum blister machine, is an efficient special machine for attaching PVC, transfer film and solid wood skin. It can realize fast lamination on special-shaped workpieces with complex lines, planes, uneven surfaces, curved surfaces, and complex structural shapes.

The machine adopts high stress steel structure, ensure the equipment rnning smoothly, transport more at ease. High sealing, so as to improve the processing eficiency of equipment.

Automatic vacuum laminating machineAutomatic vacuum laminating machine


The development of automatic vacuum laminating machine has greatly promoted the application of laminating process. The laminating process is favored by customers for its high strength, high grade and easy recovery. When the laminating process was just popularized, because the customers did not know the process well and considered more, they were afraid of problems. In view of this, a lot of experiments were done for customers in advance, such as Test the performance of water-based film covering of printed matter, such as temperature resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance and so on. At the early stage of machine use, the related film covering test was carried out. No matter the temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance, they can meet the requirements of coated products.


The automatic vacuum laminating machine is widely used in furniture and decoration industry. It can replace traditional paint technology and decorate all kinds of panel furniture, decorative lath and so on. Its decorative mask (PVC fabric) has the characteristics of fire prevention, flame retardance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, smooth surface and high hardness. Compared with traditional paint technology, it has advantages of high efficiency, and its design is clear and lifelike. Solid and durable, is the ideal equipment of modern furniture decoration industry.

The Benefits

Vacuum laminating machine is an effective means to improve the surface gloss and strength of printed matter, enhance the aesthetic effect, heat resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, and improve the grade and commodity value of the printed matter. Therefore, to measure the quality of the coated film, it is also necessary to check the brightness, strength and adhesion of the coating film. As the laminating adhesive dries quickly, if If it is still and does not flow, it will dry into rubber and form solid blocks; if it is attached to the gluing roller or pressure roller, it will cause the local gluing to be too small or the local pressure will be too large. Therefore, during the lamination process, the cots and pressure rollers should be kept clean. If there is too much dust in the surrounding environment, there will be dry rubber and cut film fragments in the glue, and the coated products will have snowflakes, Therefore, attention should be paid to environmental hygiene. If the glue can not be used up, it should be poured back to the rubber barrel for sealing, or the method of filtering before gluing is adopted.

Automatic vacuum laminating machine in related fields has also been immeasurable development prospects, but no matter how good the machine also needs regular maintenance, so as to make its service life longer and make greater contribution to the enterprise.

Automatic vacuum laminating machineAutomatic vacuum laminating machineAutomatic vacuum laminating machineAutomatic vacuum laminating machine

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