Ultimate Stone CNC Router Machine Guide (2021)

Selecting a stone CNC router machine should consider various factors. Share some small experience here, I hope to help you.

In this article, we deeply submerge the stone CNC router machine. You will understand what is the stone CNC router? What is the engraving method of the stone CNC router machine? How does the stone cherical control router work? CNC router price.

What is a stone CNC router machine?

Stone CNC router is a fully automatic CNC machine tool designed for deep processing of stone counters, granite, granite, artificial stone, granite, slate and other stone counters, can achieve drilling, milling, grinding and cutting function.

Stone CNC Router Machine Main Function: Stone CNC Rover can be used in three-dimensional relief, sharp bottom engraving, flat carving, linear carving, chamfer, drilling, etc.

CNC Shi Router Machine Application Area: Stone CNC Router Suitable for stone industries, stone processing industries, art relief, decoration and decoration industry.

Stone CNC Router Machine Suitable Material: Stone CNC Router Suitable for marble, granite, jade, blue stone, black stone, etc.

Stone CNC Router Application and Project

Stone CNC router is suitable for engraving and cutting marble, granite, tile wall, glass, copper and aluminum. It is widely used in stone monument engraving, tile engraving background wall, stone carving stone column, craft carving, mold engraving, etc., and three-dimensional engraving type, you can also relieve multiple CNC relief.

How does the stone CNC router work?

Stone CNC Router is a three-dimensional number of control system, which works as shown in the figure: Special design and typography software installed in a general microcomputer to automatically generate processing path information, and through a USB interface or Other data transfer it. This interface transmits the tool path data to the single chip. After the CNC system receives the tool path data and completes a series of functions such as display and user interaction, it converts the input path information into the CNC information using a particular algorithm, and the controller converts the information into a drive signal (pulse system) stepper. Motors or servo motors control the X, Y and Z axes of engraving machines. At the same time, by milling, you can engrave various flat or 3D graphics characters designed on your computer to achieve automatic engraving.

Stone CNC Router Work Video:

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What is the engraving method of stone CNC router?

The engraving method of each stone CNC router is different, and the equipment of the stone is also the same. Each different stone and customer needs are different. When engraving, different engraving techniques should be used according to the product type. These methods are:

Repel: Release is two-dimensional, the overall image is retained, the remaining removal, and the image protrudes from the object.

Shadow sculpture: As the name suggests, its statue is real, just like photography.

Flat engraving: The flat engrave is carved on the stone, which is a engraving image and makes a picture concave surface.

Round engraving: circular engraving, also known as three-dimensional engraving, is an integral expression of art on the engraving. The viewer can see all the sides of the object from different angles. It requires sculptor to engrave from the front, back, left, right, top, center, and bottom.

The above is a common engraving method for stone engraving machines. If you still have questions about the stone carving machine, you can continue to pay attention to the website, we will continue to update you.

How to choose the right stone CNC router machine?

How to choose a better device is very important when choosing a production equipment. Good equipment can not only produce high quality and beautiful products, but also improve overall production efficiency and profits. When you purchase a stone engraving machine, you can refer to the following!

Spindle motor

The spindle motor is divided into high power and low power consumption, and the stone texture is difficult. The low power spindle is only suitable for processing of wood or plastic materials, such as two-color plates, architectural models, small signs and 3D crafts. The spindle of the stone machine is still recommended to be 5.5 kW or more power, the engraving speed is 6000-24000 rpm, and the different materials can be used in different rotational speeds, which can effectively handle the stone and extend the service spindle bearing.

Rail motor

Engraving machine track motors are a very important part. Taking a classic style 1325 stone machine as an example, the machine has four track motors. Currently, the common motor is divided into stepping and servo. The difference between the motor affects the processing speed and processing accuracy of the machine, and the high factors will affect the price of the machine. Therefore, the motor configuration should be the main reference factor.

Control System

At present, the control system of stone engraving machine in the market is mainly divided into two types. First, the Board Control Committee is divided into genuine and piracy; Second, handle control. The board controls the customer needs to visually observe the material processing process when using the computer, and can change the inappropriate gray image path at any time; the handle control saves the space of the customer factory, the customer does not need to be equipped with a computer, the disadvantage is that it needs to use u Gray image to visualize the process of material processing. This can be reasonably configured according to your situation.

Many people usually require comparison prices when they understand and investigate the stone carving equipment. However, the price of different manufacturers report may vary, and some may even be very different. The size and after-sales service of the engraving machine manufacturer are different. Allows the purchased equipment to produce and use, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with better after-sales service.

In summary, when you choose a stone carving machine, you must carefully ask and understand before deciding whether to buy this device. The above aspect is for reference only.

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