4 Process CNC Nesting Machine

How much is a CNC cutting machine?

With the popularity of furniture production, more and more furniture manufacturers have gradually begun to purchase whole-house customized equipment to realize product transformation. Panel furniture cutting machine is favored by panel furniture manufacturers for its multi-process and efficient processing advantages. As a CNC machinery enterprise with independent research and development and production capacity, Jiabang CNC has launched a high-quality panel furniture cutting machine.

4 Process CNC Nesting MachineThe advantages of CNC cutting machine:

The CNC cutting machine automatically dismantles the order, and automatically calculates the dimensions of the door panel, side panel, top panel and other panels according to the product specifications.

The data set of the CNC cutting machine can quickly optimize the layout and production cutting requirements, and actively transmit the integrated data set to the CNC cutting machine control system for cutting.

The CNC cutting machine automatically reminds the worker to put the board. The residual material management system first detects whether there are plates of the same material and similar size in the warehouse, and promptly prompts workers to give priority to cutting the remaining plates to improve the utilization rate of plates.

The CNC cutting machine automatically feeds and cuts the material. After cutting the previous board, push out the board actively, locate the size of the next board to be cut, and automatically calibrate the size. When the trolley returns to its initial position, the manipulator has fed the material into place, and the trolley goes back and forth to open the sheet.

Imported parts are precise and stable

The equipment track adopts imported high-precision linear track, which has stable operation, high precision, stable support, and prolongs the service life of the machine. Z-axis adopts imported industrial-grade ball screw with accurate positioning and perfect processing effect. Circulating cooling system, controllable cooling flow, user-friendly design. It has powerful functions such as power failure recovery, continuous engraving at breakpoints, processing time prediction, and automatic tool setting. Industrial production model, heavy-duty all-steel structure welding, one-piece bed, thickened table top, gantry beam structure. The threaded connection of all parts can be tightened 100 times without interruption, which facilitates the replacement of parts without affecting the rigidity and durability of the machine.

Efficient and high-quality work

The panel furniture cutting machine can automatically replace the cutting head according to the furniture model, which is convenient and fast, saving time and effort. With dust protection, the machine is free of debris. Compatible with TYPE3, Artcam, Jingdiao JD, Wentai Carving, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and other CAD/CAM design and production software. Intelligent processing out-of-bounds protection to prevent mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.

Widely used in open wood products

Suitable for furniture decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden handicrafts, art models, artistic font characters, signs, board plane engraving, solid wood furniture, art murals, MDF paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinet doors and windows, bedside tables, screen relief carving and cutting , decorative processing, gift packaging, corrugated cardboard, electrical countertops, sporting goods and other three-dimensional surface and shape cutting of various wooden industrial products.

What brand of Shandong cutting machine is good? The top ten manufacturers are recommended for inventory. Based on the principle of “survive by quality, develop by innovation, cooperate in good faith, mutual benefit and win-win”, Jiabang CNC carefully invests in the advertising equipment and CNC equipment industries.

Panel furniture CNC cutting machine

Structural stability: industrial model, heavy-duty all-steel structure, tempered vector effect processing, firm and unchanged;

Excellent components: imported industrial numerical control system, 9kw high-power imported automatic tool-changing spindle motor, spindle bearings are high-precision ceramic bearings, low noise and long life. Adopt Taiwan-made h30 linear guide. The ball screw imported from Germany is adopted, which has large bearing capacity and accurate falling. Servo system imported from Japan (optional imported brand), large torque, complete operating system;

Modular structure design: optional configuration of various processing spindles, which can be used for engraving, hollowing, cutting, milling, etc.;

Simple and convenient operation mode and advanced file preprocessing function to ensure the speed and accuracy of operation;

In-line tool change structure, the tool change speed is fast, comparable to the disc tool change speed, and the tool magazine capacity is 10 (optional);

Double-layer vacuum adsorption table, 7.5kw high-power vacuum cleaner meter adsorption pump, high adhesion, can adsorb plates of any size;

Good software compatibility: open software interface, compatible with processing codes generated by various cad/cam design software such as type3/artcam/Wentai, etc., to ensure barrier-free design;

Scope of application: cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, soft sliding doors, solid wood doors, interior doors, paint-free doors, painted doors, solid wood furniture, computer desks, desks, children’s furniture, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, and other non-metallic materials multi-process machining and milling.

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