fiber laser marking machine

Glass laser cutting machine, everyone’s unanimous choice!

Glass tubes are used in various industries, especially in the fields of pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities, electronic products, military industry and solar thermal power generation. In order to meet the needs of different scenarios, the glass tube needs to be cut. , drilling, scribing and other processing, and glass as a fragile and fragile material, its cutting is more difficult, traditional cutting tools often have more or less drawbacks, Xiaobian today will introduce you a model that has been used in recent years. model used. The commonly used equipment for thin-walled glass tube cutting – glass laser cutting machine.

fiber laser marking machineGlass laser cutting machine is specially developed for thin glass cutting production. It is a high precision laser cutting model. Small side, high stability, long life, whether it is glass tube cutting, punching, scribing can be easily done. The cutting surface is smooth and flat, the cutting speed is fast, and the quality is high, which is far superior to traditional glass cutting equipment. It is suitable for industries that require high glass cutting accuracy. The glass laser cutting machine can preset various graphics according to the computer, and control the equipment operation through software, which is convenient, fast and highly flexible, and is suitable for various special-shaped cutting.

Glass laser cutting machines generally use ultraviolet lasers, and glass laser cutting machines use 355nm lasers as light sources. Compared with infrared lasers such as fiber lasers and carbon dioxide lasers, ultraviolet lasers have shorter wavelengths and higher photon energy. On the one hand, the wavelength of 355nm can be used for ultra-fine cutting and special material cutting due to its extremely small focus, and is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for cutting effects; on the other hand, higher photon energy can realize cold processing of materials, There will be no thermal effect, no burning problem, less damage to the surface of the product, and wider adaptability; in addition, the ultraviolet laser also has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, stable performance of the whole machine, and low power consumption.

laser marking machine

The advantages of glass laser cutting machine compared with traditional models:

Model configuration:

The cutting size is 500*500mm, which can be used for cutting, punching and scribing of various glass plates and glass tubes within this size range.

The model is equipped with a marble platform, which has stable bearing and corrosion resistance;

Equipped with linear motor, optical ruler and single station platform. The linear motor and optical scale are closed-loop controlled by the motion controller, with high speed and high positioning accuracy.

fiber laser marking machine

Glass laser cutting machine is mainly used for:

Precision processing of packaging bottles of polymer materials such as handicrafts, medicines, cosmetics, video tapes, etc.;

Flexible PCB marking and scribing, silicon wafer drilling, etc.;

Liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware drilling, metal surface coating marking, etc.;

Plastic button marking, communication equipment marking, electronic product marking, gift marking, building materials marking, etc.

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