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Cheap CNC Router Table 4×8 for Sale

The CNC router table 4×8 for sale refers to CNC router table size is 4x8ft CNC router, which is also called 1325 4×8 CNC router table kit. The best 4×8 CNC router design for plywood and other materials. Cheap CNC router table with a single spindle for sale at a low price.

Buying a CNC router is a huge investment, but it can add a lot of value to your woodworking hobby or business. We aim to help you choose the right tool for your application. These devices are well suited for a variety of applications, including milling, cutting, grooving, engraving, drilling, and engraving. The best 4 x 8 CNC router machines will prove useful for small shops, home businesses, schools, and various other manufacturing industries. It is worth noting that you will find ideas for designing using PVC, acrylic, wood, glass, ACM, aluminum, brass, foam, copper, plastic, stone, and various other soft materials. Finally, before making a major purchase, make sure that your budget meets your needs.

CNC Wood Carving Machine

CNC router table 4×8 for sale

Whether you are looking for an industrial 4X8 CNC cabinets router furniture machine with an 8-hour shift or a private use cheap CNC router, ABS-1325 4×8 table must be a good choice. The 4×8 CNC router kit is designed for plywood or other materials quickly and accurately with a stepper motor and driver. T-slot CNC Router Table or vacuum table for 4 x 8 cnc router table cheap also depends on your choice. It’s all guarantees the stability of carving or cutting the material. The wood CNC router 1325 cutting materials and shapes are spread across wide industries. It can be said that the 4 x 8 CNC router kit price is absolutely reasonable and the CNC router 1325 is absolutely cost-effective.If you want to know other CNC wood routers, Such as the 4×4 CNC router machine which is cheaper. Just contact us, we will apply to you ASAP!

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Feature Of Wood CNC Machine 4×8

High Precision Cutting Best Selling CNC Machine For 4×8 Small CNC Machine

The 4×8 CNC machine XYZ axis Taiwan Hiwin square rail makes the gantry and spindle moving at high speed with high precision. CNC kit 4×8 adopts Hiwin square rail with high rigidity and very durable. XY axis German Helical rack and pinion are directly coupled to the stepper motor and pinion. This 4×8 CNC router cheap configuration ensures that the accuracy is less than ±0.03mm when the max 4×8 work table speed is 20,000mm/min.

3 Axis CNC Router

Stable, Stronger And More Durable Structural Design Of CNC Machine Table 4×8

The Heavy structure adopts thicken steel square which improves the stability of wood CNC 4×8. This Stronger structure is necessary for cutting solid materials such as hardwood. During the 4×8 wood CNC machine cutting and carving process, the XYZ axis remains stationary against external cutting forces.

Long Time Operation With High-Power Stepper Motor Of Cheap CNC Router

Stepper motor and driver do not require regular maintenance. This not only reduces maintenance downtime but also spindle is able to run normally for a long time. Coupled with the fast working speed, the CNC machine 4×8 efficiency is greatly improved.

Compatible With Any Advanced Software For 4×8 CNC Wood Router

Software including Vectric Aspire, Type3, Ucancam, Artcam, AlphaCam, Powermill, Solidworks is run on the system of CNC table 4×8. You can use the CNC wood router 4×8 quickly without wasting the cost of training labor. This is simple and efficient for you.

4×8 CNC Router Buying Guide

When you start looking for a new wood CNC router, there are many factors to consider. Important factors that need to be considered include the machine’s spindle, controller, compatible software, safety mechanism, and durability. Of course, you also need to pay close attention to the price. The following IGOLDENCNC will introduce in detail.

2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood Routers

  • Spindle

The working mode and power of the spindle are very important for CNC milling machines. There are generally two types of spindles. One is a water-cooled spindle, and the other is an air-cooled spindle. Choose the right spindle, it depends on your material and the highest temperature of the local weather in your country/region.

1) If your material is soft, such as MDF, PVC, you will not be able to make small pieces of handicrafts, a water-cooled spindle with lower power, 2.2KW, 1.5KW will do.

2) If you want to produce furniture or doors, engraving, and cutting, we recommend that you choose an air-cooled spindle. When the material is solid wood, the spindle power should be above 3.5KW.

Dual Spindle 3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine

  • Control System

CNC engraving machine control system As we all know, the operation of a woodworking engraving machine is closely related to its control system. The CNC router controllers on the market mainly include computer control and handle control.

Computer control system: Computer control is to install a control card on the PCI slot of the computer motherboard and install a driver on the computer to control the trajectory of the XYZ axis of the engraving machine and the rotation of the spindle motor. Through this control method, the operator can preview the processing effect, can see the processing track at any time, and correct in time if the program is loaded incorrectly. It has the characteristics of a friendly interface, simple and convenient operation, complete functions, and strong program compatibility. And various engraving CAM software can be imported directly or indirectly. The disadvantage is that the computer needs to be configured separately, but fortunately, the requirements for computer configuration are extremely low. For customers with a small budget, you can configure second-hand old computers.

Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

Handle control system: Handle control is a control method that can be used to control the movement of the CNC woodworking engraving machine. The biggest advantage is that it saves space and does not require a computer. The space occupied by the equipment is greatly reduced, and the knife is more convenient. The disadvantage is that the operation is more troublesome. After all, all functions are concentrated on one control panel. If you are not skilled, it is easy to press the wrong function key. More importantly, the disadvantage is that there is no preview and other functions, and the interface is not as intuitive as a computer.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of computer control and handle control methods. It is recommended that users choose a control method that suits their processing needs according to their own budget, operating capacity, and other factors.

  • CNC router machine transmission mode

Transmission mode of CNC engraving machine In the field of CNC engraving machines, there are two transmission modes: rack drive and screw drive.

The screw drive is the drive mode of the origin of the engraving machine. High precision, slow running speed, high environmental protection requirements, and relatively short service life. The Y-axis single screw is not easy to be too long (the model cannot be too large). It shakes easily. If the installation accuracy is not high, the Y-axis screw may be lost for a long time. If the accuracy is too high, the Y-axis twin-screw structure can meet the processing requirements. The screw drive is mainly used for carving, wood products, small handicrafts, lighter stone, etc. in the advertising industry.

Rack drive is an upgraded version of screw drive. It is a newly developed transmission method that cannot be satisfied by the high-speed processing of screw machines. It is also a kind of mechanical transmission widely used in modern machinery. High transmission accuracy. It can reach 0.1mm, the load capacity is large, the transmission speed is extremely fast, the connection can be the unlimited length, and the high-speed operation does not affect the precision of the rack. If the configuration is higher, the positioning accuracy can reach 0.03~0.05mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is about 0.03mm, and the backlash is only less than 0.01mm.

Compared with the ball screw, the rack and pinion transmission can transmit the motion between the two shafts at any angle and can ensure a constant transmission ratio, higher reliability, stable operation, better durability, and greater transmission power. Widely used in laser cutting machines, glass/steel CNC cutting machines, large engraving machines, CNC machining centers, etc.

  • CNC router motor

As we all know, the motor directly affects the engraving speed of the woodworking engraving machine. Speed ​​equals efficiency. Therefore, the processing speed affects the processing efficiency, which in turn affects the economic benefits of users. In the CNC engraving machine industry, there are mainly two types of drive motors: servo motors and stepping motors.

Servo motors have the advantages of high accuracy, fast speed, and long service life. In addition, it has a strong overload capacity and can withstand loads of three times the rated torque. Stable operation and extremely low noise. IGOLDEN CNC engraving machine adopts servo motors of imported brands such as Yaskawa, Panasonic, and Siemens. This kind of servo motor can not only ensure the fast and stable operation of the machine but also ensure high precision and high quality.

Stepping motors have the advantages of simple structure, convenient control, high reliability, high precision, and low cost. IGOLDEN CNC provides users with YAKO, Siemens, and other well-known brands to ensure a long service life for the machine.

So how should the servo motor and stepper motor be selected? Stepper motors are generally used for simple flat engraving or small engraving machines. If you have high requirements for processing accuracy and complex processing patterns, please choose the matching servo motor. In addition, the power of the motor determines the engraving strength of the CNC engraving machine. Taking the woodworking industry as an example, everyone knows that woodworking engraving machines have three major functions: cutting, embossing, and punching. Especially for the cutting function, when the engraving machine needs to cut the plate, it needs to use a high-power motor. The relief function is generally only 1-2mm, so only a small power motor such as 1.5kw or 2.2kw is needed.

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