CNC cutting machine

Dual spindle + row drilling CNC cutting machine

Anyone who is engaged in panel furniture, cabinet and wardrobe customization industry knows that there are more holes in the case of cabinet processing, so how to better and more efficiently cut and punch the cabinet, which requires customers and friends to choose a suitable CNC cutting machine. Nowadays, the commonly used CNC cutting machines mainly include dual-spindle + row drilling CNC cutting machines, four-process cutting machines, and disc tool changing woodworking machining centers.

Although the above three cutting machines are widely used and can realize the cutting and punching of plates, there are still some differences in the range and performance of some processed plates, and if the purchase is not suitable, it will not only waste money It also does not improve production efficiency. Many friends who are mainly engaged in the processing of cabinets and wardrobes will ask which CNC cutting machine is more cost-effective to use for cabinets. Today, Jiabang CNC cutting machine company will share with you.

CNC cutting machineFor cabinet processing, it is more appropriate to choose a dual-spindle + row-drill CNC cutting machine. Take Jiabang CNC’s dual-spindle + row-drill CNC cutting machine, which uses two 6kw air-cooled spindles and 5+4 row drilling packages. , the two spindles are respectively responsible for grooving and cutting, and the 5 + 4 vertical drill realizes the fast punching function, which is automatically switched during processing, with high speed and high precision. Because the machining of the cabinet requires the blanking of multiple holes, it is difficult for ordinary 4 knives to realize the blanking of multiple holes at one time, so it needs to be processed in layers, which makes the efficiency much lower. On the other hand, Jiabang CNC cutting machine adopts double spindles and row drilling bag. The punching precision is higher and the efficiency is higher.

CNC cutting machine

In addition, the dual-spindle + row drilling CNC cutting machine is combined with the special design and dismantling software of Jiabang CNC to realize the quick design and dismantling of custom wardrobe cabinets, intelligent layout, and the production dismantling software can be produced according to the existing production task orders. , the inventory of raw materials can be alerted in the production process, and the standard of zero waste can be realized, which can be said to be cost-effective and more cost-effective.


When using the panel furniture production line to process woodworking materials, the material will produce a large amount of dust and sawdust, which will not only affect the health of the operator, but also cause problems with the use and life of the panel furniture production line.

CNC cutting machine

Solutions for Panel Furniture Production Lines

  1. First of all, we must start with production equipment, choose reasonable mechanical equipment, which can play a certain dust-proof effect, and dust-removing equipment is also essential. The degree of purification must be considered when choosing, so that it can play a certain role in dust prevention. influence.
  2. Workers should wear glasses and masks when operating, which can not only protect eyes, but also avoid dust damage, and also play a certain role in dust prevention.
  3. At present, no company has installed large-scale dust-proof equipment, but vacuum cleaners can be installed on the machine tool itself, which can also play a very good role in protecting the health of operators.


The above are some dust-proof measures for panel furniture production lines. The panel furniture production line equipment has been equipped with dustproof facilities. Welcome friends in need to visit the factory and test the machine on site!


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