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When choosing a CNC engraving machine, you should also consider your own needs, such as the thickness of the engraving material. Or different engraving materials need to purchase equipment with different power. Generally, manufacturers will match with the needs of customers. When purchasing a CNC engraving machine, the higher the power, the faster the engraving speed and the thicker the engraved material. Of course, the price is also higher, so when choosing the power of the CNC engraving machine, you need to combine the actual situation of your own production.

Four-Processes CNC RouterWhen choosing a CNC engraving machine, we must first pay attention to the quality of the core components. For woodworking engraving machines, the key to affecting the quality of engraving lies in the chiller, engraving head and guide rail. Each different brand will have different prices. In order to effectively choose a suitable CNC engraving machine, you must first choose a professional manufacturer, which can not only ensure high-quality product quality, but also is not easy to fail in later use. The after-sales service will also be guaranteed, and the failure can be dealt with faster without affecting the normal use as much as possible.

For some informal manufacturers, the price of the machine may be very low, but they use parts from small manufacturers that have not been verified by the market for a long time. In this case, the CNC engraving machine will continue to fail, affecting the enterprise. For the processing industry, time is money, and the downtime due to equipment failure is not worth the loss. Moreover, because there is no complete and formal after-sales service, the failure cannot be solved quickly, and the machine can only be repaired through other means, resulting in more maintenance. cost.

Four-Processes CNC Router

When choosing a CNC engraving machine, you need to consider all aspects. If you decide to choose Jiabang CNC engraving machine, you can call for details. Jiabang CNC engraving machine is well-known in the industry, and its products have been praised and recognized by all sectors of society and customers. Automated numerical control equipment not only helps the development of my country’s furniture industry, but also is exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other regions, and the product quality has been praised by foreign friends!

There are indeed many CNC engraving machine manufacturers in the market that need to be selected based on word of mouth and the scale of the manufacturer. If a manufacturer has been established for more than 10 years, it also means that after years of hard work, if you choose to cooperate, naturally Don’t worry too much.

Four-Processes CNC Router

The configuration of Jiabang CNC engraving machine:

Bed: square tube welded structure

Gantry: steel structure

Spindle: Hanqi 4.5kw air cooling

Countertop: profile fixture countertop

4 Spindle CNC Router Machine

Rail: Taiwan Shangyin

Rack: Taiwan Crescent

Lead screw: Taiwan TBI

Drive: Leisai stepper drive and stepper motor

Reducer: Japan SHIMPO (optional)

Inverter: Fuling

Electrical components: France SCHNEIDER

Lubrication system: Manual oil filling (automatic oil filling for servo motors)

Intelligent control system: Beijing DSP or Weihong


Spindle: Italian HSD

Drive: Japan YASKAWA servo drive and drive motor

Tool setter: automatic tool setter

Side rotating shaft: diameter 200, 300, 400mm

Intelligent control system: Taiwan’s new generation

Table: Vacuum adsorption table / vacuum adsorption with T-slot table

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