CNC Stone Carving Machine

Cnc Stone Carving Machine And Engraving Machine

Cnc Stone Engraving Machine

CNC stone engraving machine, also known as stone engraving equipment, stone cutting machine, stone engraving tools, granite engraving machine, granite cutting machine, rock engraving machine, stone carving machine, marble engraving machine, CNC stone carving machine.

CNC Stone Carving MachineStone CNC Router Engraving Machine
Stone Monument Tombstone Engraving Machine
CNC stone engraving machine, installed with the special design software in the computer, for finishing the graphics and character design, layout, automatically generate processing path information, then through the USB interface or other data transmission interface to transmit tool path data to single-chip microcomputer, CNC system receives tool path data, completes display and user interaction and other functions. A specific algorithm is used to transform the input path information into NC information. The controller converts the information into driving signal of a stepper motor or servo motor (pulse train) to control the cutter of X, Y, Z three axis of the engraving machine.
At the same time, milling processing can be used to engrave all kinds of graphic or 3D(three-dimensional) graphics words on the computer, so as to realize automatic carving.

Cnc Stone Carving Machine

ainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, bamboo and wood, etc. Any carving on the surface depends on different materials. There are many different carving methods to choose from, which can achieve different styles of artistic effects, such as shadow carving, sun carving, relief carving, line, flat bottom, round bottom, pointed bottom carving, etc.

CNC Stone Machining CenterCNC Stone Machining Center

Stone CNC Machine Center

Machine advantages of stone engraving machine

(1) High efficiency. When processing reliefs, the engraving efficiency is 2-3 times that of ordinary machines. Other carvings, such as palindrome, lettering, digging, increase the efficiency by 50%-.

(2) Stable, low failure rate and low maintenance cost.

(3) Extend tool life and reduce costs.

(4) High degree of automation and convenient operation.

(5) Automatic alarm for failure to protect materials.

(6) The matching accessories are of good quality, reliable and durable.

Features of double-head, plane and three-dimensional dual-purpose stone engraving machine

  1. It adopts a push-pull structure. When engraving on a plane, just push the rotating shaft to the back of the machine. When doing three-dimensional engraving, pull out the rotating shaft and use a thimble to fix the cylinder, and then engrave. Compared with the detachable structure, the push-pull structure saves time and effort. Detachable structure, each time you switch between flat carving and vertical carving, you need to move the rotating shaft up and down, adjust the position of the rotating shaft, and fix the pressing plate. Each time it takes more than half an hour, while the push-pull type only takes one minute. Switch the engraving method.
  2. The machine uses a four-axis linkage genuine system to achieve true four-axis processing, improve processing efficiency, and improve the engraving details.
  3. The heightened gantry structure is used on both sides of the machine tool to seal the key components to prevent dust and water.
  4. The whole machine has good rigidity, reduces vibration in an all-round way, and is suitable for high-speed processing.
  5. Fully automatic oil injection lubrication system, which regularly lubricates the transmission parts of the machine tool.
  6. Thickened channel steel table top + super hard bakelite board, good load-bearing, easy to install and clamp, stone powder is easy to clean, the table is wear-resistant, and will not be deformed after long-term use.
  7. All precision surfaces of the machine tool are completed by a large-scale machining center, and the head part is grinded to improve the accuracy of the machine.

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