CNC Router Cutter Buyer Guide

CNC router cutter is the most critical tool for CNC machine to perform cutting, engraving, bagging and other processes. They determine the type of processing you can perform and the quality of the final design. Without them, CNC wood router would be powerless.

There are many types of CNC machine, and different processes require different tools. If your project involves not only cutting work, but also 2D and 3D engraving, bagging, etc.

CNC Router Cutter  CNC Router Cutter

What should be considered when buying and using this type of CNC drilling machine?


According to the processing method, CNC router cutter are divided into two categories, namely CNC drill head and CNC milling head.

CNC drills are usually used to pre-drill screw holes. These CNC drill bits drive the material. They have no sides, so they cannot be milled horizontally.

CNC milling cutter, also called CNC engraving cutter, engraving milling cutter, can cut or move on the surface of the workpiece. They are designed to engrave or engrave materials to make 2D patterns or 3D designs.


When cutting or engraving materials, the CNC router cutter will resist high pressure, high temperature, strong shock and vibration. Therefore, CNC rolling mills have certain characteristics that can withstand high temperatures, high speeds and high cutting forces. These functions include:

  • Very high hardness and wear resistance.
  • Excellent resistance and toughness.
  • High temperature resistance.

Choose different CNC router cutter for your specific project

People often say: To do a good job, craftsmen need the best tools. Choosing the right CNC milling machine will help you obtain high-quality products, avoid rework, and reduce the wear of CNC router cutter . The text below may ask you to choose the right tool for a particular material.

  1. To cut acrylic, it is recommended to use a single-edged spiral cutter. This CNC router cuttercan cut acrylic materials quickly and efficiently, is smokeless, odorless and does not stick to any chips. The fine grains (or even no grains) of CNC tools ensure a smooth cutting surface.
  2. In order to treat acrylic surfaces to obtain a matte finish, we recommend using two or three edge twist needles.
  3. The double chip breaker spiral cutter is suitable for cutting MDF because it has two large chip flutes. Moreover, it can maintain a good balance and will not turn black or smoke during the cutting process.
  4. To cut aluminum plates, we recommend using CNC aluminum drills, such as single-edge milling cutters. The cutting process is not sticky, fast and efficient. When engraving smaller aluminum embossing, the round-bottom engraving knife is a good choice.
  5. If you want to use cork, MDF, natural wood, PVC or acrylic to make larger deep reliefs, you need a grooved round end milling cutter.
  6. To process high-density fiberboard (HDF) or hardwood, you can choose a CNC corn tooth knife.
  7. If rough machining of particle board, melamine board, etc., you can use multiple blades to mill gear blades.
  8. For large-scale 3D carving, you need the size of the bone to match the level of detail of the model.
  9. If you want to make letters or logos, you need to use a V-groove CNC router cutter, which is the only way to form sharp grooves on the workpiece.

In short, there are many types of CNC router cutter, and different types have special processing effects. Therefore, the choice of the right CNC router cutter plays an important role in different processing requirements.

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