The working principle of CNC nesting machine

In order to meet customers’ better needs for furniture production, a series of machines such as panel furniture production lines are now widely used. So what is the working principle and classification of the furniture production line? CNC nesting machine is also a kind of CNC machine. It is a machine specially used to produce and process furniture, mainly including furniture cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets, cabinet doors, tatami mats and office furniture. Of course, it can also be applied to billboard carving, architectural decoration, musical instrument and handicraft carving. Its main working principle is similar to that of a woodworking CNC machine. The tool is driven by the spindle to rotate at a high speed to complete the drilling, cutting, and engraving processes.

There are several common types of CNC nesting machine, such as multi-process CNC engraving machines, automatic tool change CNC router, automatic loading and unloading CNC machines, drilling machines, edge banding machines, etc. Generally, a multi-spindle CNC machine is an economical production equipment that can be equipped with different tools for simultaneous processing. It is mainly used in the production process. The operation of the machine is relatively simple and does not require frequent tool changes. The automatic loading and unloading machine can automatically feed and unload materials, which saves operating time. By equipping with two work surfaces, it is more convenient to realize furniture processing.

The production of panel furniture is mainly divided into two parts: one is the production of cabinets such as wardrobes and cabinets, and the other is the production of door panels such as wardrobe doors and cabinet doors. The main machines used in the production of cabinets and other cabinets include cabinet making machine, edge banding machines and side drilling machines. Usually, we can easily realize the design of various cabinet styles through the design of intelligent software.

In addition to CNC cutting machines, the main equipment for customizing closet doors and cabinet doors may also require polishing and sanding machines to make the processed samples more refined, and also make processing more convenient and labor-saving. In addition, the vacuum laminating machine is also one of the commonly used machines in furniture production. After a series of polishing and polishing, the finished sample is dried by spraying glue and then placed in the vacuum laminating machine for vacuum coating, which can be better shaped. In this way, the final product is the wardrobe door with different patterns and beautiful appearance that we often see.

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