CNC Router Table Guide

The CNC machine is a high-tech automatic CNC equipment. It is produced with the development of modern CNC technology and the needs of the wood industry. When buying a CNC machine, you will find that there are several types of worktables for the CNC router machine.

Generally, there are three types of CNC router table. Aluminum T-slot CNC router table, full CNC vacuum table and T-slot CNC vacuum table, which one is most suitable for your CNC machine? What are the advantages and applications of these three tables? And how do you choose the most suitable one? Keep reading to find the correct answer.

Aluminum T-slot Table

CNC machine aluminum alloy table is also called CNC woodworking fixture.

The fastening method is to fasten the workpiece to the T-slot CNC router table by tightening the screws by hand. In this way, the part will not shake during the engraving process.

The worktable of the T-slot CNC router table is made of aluminum profile, with the T-slot at the bottom and PVC at the top. The CNC router table is suitable for materials that are irregular in shape or difficult to be fixed by vacuum adsorption. Especially when the processing technology is embossing, hollowing and cutting, it is more suitable to choose a T-slot CNC router table.

The application of the CNC engraving machine requires a relatively long time for embossing and wood carving. Therefore, it is not important to spend a few minutes on the CNC machine manually. The CNC vacuum table vacuum pump cannot absorb 3D materials for excavation and punching. Therefore, the T-slot desktop CNC engraving machine is suitable for stamping crafts, hollow partitions, screens and other decorations. T-slot desktop CNC machine are mainly used in the advertising industry to cut and engrave PVC, acrylic and two-color boards.

Advantages of Aluminum T-slot Table

Industrial aluminum profile T-slot CNC router table is flat, beautiful, cheap, flexible and easy to disassemble. This T-slot aluminum CNC machine table is also durable, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to maintain. The CNC aluminum table kit uses accessory connection technology. Therefore, it is very convenient to modify and upgrade the CNC machine in the future. No need to disassemble and assemble the aluminum CNC machine table. You only need to use the accessories to repair and install new equipment on the CNC workbench. And no welding step is required.

Full CNC Vacuum Table

Full CNC vacuum table is connected to the vacuum pump through a pipe under the CNC machine table. There are several suction holes on the worktable of the CNC wood machine.

The user can place the wooden board on the CNC vacuum table and open the vacuum valve. Then, the wood is firmly absorbed by the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump. At this time, the CNC milling machine starts to run.

This CNC vacuum table saves workpiece clamping time, and is efficient and fast. Therefore, the full vacuum desktop CNC machine is particularly suitable for mass production and wooden door processing industries.

In addition, the CNC vacuum table improves the accuracy of engraving, especially suitable for thinner, lighter or uneven plates. After fixing these boards with accessories, the vibration of the machine during the engraving process may cause a slight displacement, thereby affecting the accuracy of engraving.

When using a CNC vacuum table milling machine, it is best to place a layer of MDF board between the CNC vacuum table and the workpiece. The plate can prevent dust from being sucked into the vacuum pump and protect the CNC vacuum table from damage.

Advantages of Full CNC Vacuum Table

  1. Large cutting and flat carving

If you want to engrave patterns on large wooden boards or plates, then the CNC vacuum table is very suitable, because the oversized plates are easier to fix and not easy to move.

The CNC milling vacuum table is very suitable for carving the lines and patterns of solid wood doors, wardrobe panels, wardrobe panels and other panel furniture.

  1. Higher work efficiency and complete precision vacuum table can save clamping and positioning time, and improve work efficiency. The CNC vacuum tablealso improves the accuracy of engraving, especially for thinner, lighter or uneven plates.

Since these plates are fixed with fixtures, there may be slight deviations due to machine vibration during the engraving process. This kind of vibration will affect the engraving accuracy of CNC engraving machine. However, the numerical control vacuum table has a strong adsorption capacity, which can solve this problem well.

T-slot and Vacuum Table

The vacuum T-slot table is a CNC machine table that combines T-slot installation and CNC vacuum table. The worktable of a CNC router machine can usually be divided into several parts for vacuum adsorption.

The feature of this CNC work table structure is that a T-slot is added to the CNC vacuum workbench. According to customer requirements, T-slot aluminum profiles have been integrated into this CNC router. It can meet the processing requirements of special parts. This T-slot CNC machine is specially designed for CNC machining of irregular parts. The vacuum CNC desktop T-slot machine is a custom CNC engraving machine model.

The vacuum T-slot CNC worktable can not only be used to process the entire furniture panel. It can also clamp and process special parts. T-slots divide this CNC router into multiple areas, and each control valve controls a small area.

Advantages of CNC Vacuum T-slot Table

  1. Effectively repair common and irregular cultural relics

The design of combining T-slot and vacuum suction in the same CNC worktable has advantages. If the room is relatively small, it is not necessary to open all the vacuum control valves, which can save electricity. The vacuum T-slot CNC table can effectively absorb plates of different sizes.

  1. Suitable for processing precision mechanical parts.

Since the clamping force of the clamp is uniform and adjustable, there is no clamping trace. Because it is easy to install and unload the workpiece, the CNC wood machine can be used for various machining processes. Especially in the processing of complex and thin-walled precision mechanical parts, T-slot and vacuum CNC table are the best choices.

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