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The Purchase Of CNC Router 3d Carving Matters Needing Attention

CNC router 3d carving can be used for stereo 3D machining technology, furniture stereo feet and cylinder, human body, buddha, goddess of mercy, sculptures, handicrafts, stair handrail, musical instruments. wood carving cnc router machine can handle 3D carving and cutting on wood, stone, foam and soft metals, achieve dimension 3D machining. Huge range of 3D machining enables best 3d wood carving machine to satisfy the requirements for arts, crafts, gifts, and furnitures manufacturing

ATC 4 Axis CNC RouterUse 1 clear buy equipment: no engraving machine everything, do not think thatbuying a carving machine can do all the work, manufacturers of the engraving machine is divided into all kinds of specifications models, as is to deal with a variety of different processing tasks. Mingge three-dimensional carving machinerepresentation such as you buy a mold class engraving machine to carve the double color plate, or buy a large engraving machine to carve seal, which caused great waste, but also will not get good results. As you buy a commercial grade of cnc router 3d carving to do the mold, may simply not capable.

4 Axis CNC Wood Engraving Machine

2, choose the right of their models: small advertising shop signs the initial purchase, the main production of solid word lamp board, crystal characters, double color plate, badges and other purposes, should buy advertising engraving machine, but also should be further refined in the machine configuration, such as the main do double color plate, you must configure floating heads, because it canensure the carving time word consistent depth in double color large format, but is mainly used for sawing organic glass crystal characters, spindle to high-power800W matching the above. Otherwise, the spindle of small power high precisionlong hard work, will accelerate the wear of bearings, the loss of accuracy. In general, engraving machine format is larger than 600mm, not suitable for carved double color and fine living, but the male is suitable for sawing words, to do some big brand flat. The format is a universal engraving machine at about 600 mmMingge three-dimensional carving machine that can be used as a double color,such as skilled work, and can be used to do menial work saw the word. Formachining cylindrical or other shaped workpieces, because of the need to installsome fixture or rotating coordinate axis, the Z axis will be shown in column high,mesa to the cutter head space is big, so you can use the special machine. If it is a chop shop specially engraved seal, can be the first with seal carving machine.

3, the signing of the contract: in the decision to purchase, the first thing to do is to sign the contract with the seller, the contract shall indicate the purchase of the aircraft, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery methods, elements of training methods, warranty, and the terms of payment etc.. After the signing of the contract, usually should be stipulated in the contract to pay some deposit (with the exception of a spot). The key is to find a more formal enterprises, business registration, you can design the training of enterprise.

4, delivery and training: engraving machine after arrival, generally by the technicalstaff door-to-door unpacking inspection machine, the electricity, Georgian three-dimensional carving machine remind should carefully check the appearance is damaged, whether caused by the impact damage in transit. Such as intact, and then control the contract with random manual counting machine configuration withrandom accessories. The machine for installation by the technical staff (including the hardware installation and dismantling of fixings, placement machine. All kinds ofcable for connecting the power supply. Software installation and configuration of computer, install optional engraving software). After installation, with the factory to provide the test drawing carving to test machine, such as complete correctlycarving test, test acceptance of delivery is completed.. Milling cutter (such as a ball end cutter, see mold manufacturing samples C-1102:1) cylindrical contour milling often have high productivity, this is because in the larger diameter of cutter, more tooth in cutting. If the machine tool spindle speed is restricted, contour milling will help keep the cutting speed and feed rate. Using this tool path, changes in workload and the direction of the small. In high speed milling of hardened materials and processing, this is particularly important. Mingge three-dimensional carving machine says this is because if the cutting speed and feed rate high, cutting edge and cutting process is more susceptible to the adverse effects of changes in work load and the direction, changes in work load and the direction of the cutting force and the tool will cause bending changes.

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