CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

The laser tube is the heart of the machine and generates the laser beam. CO2 lasers use a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium gases to create a high-energy laser beam at a specific wavelength of around 10.6 micrometers. The laser beam is directed through a series of mirrors and lenses to focus and guide it to the cutting surface. The optics system ensures that the laser beam remains focused and delivers a precise cutting or engraving result. The cutting bed is the surface on which the material to be cut or engraved is placed. It can be a honeycomb bed, slat bed, or other types of beds depending on the machine. The bed provides support for the material and allows the laser beam to pass through without causing damage.

Our CO2 laser cutters are manufactured with two major units. One unit is for controlling which the energy source is located and the other is for laser-shooting. The Co2 laser medium is protected by sealed glass. The laser medium will produce a laser beam that will travel into the laser head with the assistance of reflective mirrors and a focusing lens. The depth of the cutting produced by the machine will depend on the amplification lens and photon density. Our CO2 laser cutting machines are manufactured with higher and stabler frequency to assure high performance.

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CO2 Laser Cutting  Machine

IGOLDENCNC offers a CO2 laser cutting machine that can provide different advantageous cutting forms. These machines are integrated with DSP control technology. It offers high stability, high cutting accuracy, and high speed. Therefore, it can assure high productivity for your business that needs different cutting applications. Rest assured that all our CO2 laser cutting machines can provide amazing and detailed cutting performance.

Our CO2 engraving machines are also certified by different industry standards such as FDA and CE to ensure quality. OEM and ODM CO2 laser cutting machines are also available to meet your requirements. We offer fast lead time and 7 up to 15 days of fast delivery. You can also guarantee 100% after-sales service to support you.

CO2 laser cutting machines are commonly used for cutting thick materials, including wood, acrylic, glass, ceramics, and other materials. Economical and practical, using CO2 glass tube as laser generator, cost-effective, suitable for all kinds of non-metal surface engraving and materials cutting. The advantages of CO2 laser cutting include high accuracy, smooth cuts, and the ability to cut complex shapes.

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This CNC CO2 laser cutting machine adopt imported proprietary sliding guide, and equip with auxiliary facilities, such as blower, exhaust fan, infrared, foot pedal and other auxiliary facilities. Also, this series products integrate advanced high-speed continuous curve motion control card, and adopt self-developed high-speed laser engraving & cutting controlling software.

Why Choose CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Extensive Applications

We can supply CO2 laser cutters that are widely used for different industries such as advertisement, merchandising, art craft and gift, apparel, bag and shoe, home textile, toy, plastic industries, decoration, and more.

Precise Cutting

CO2 laser cutting machines are manufactured with a precise cutting solutions such as non-stop cutting, color separating cutting, and imitative cutting.

High Performance

You can assure that all our CO2 cutting machines can provide high performance, high efficiency, smooth cutting effect, and fast speed for non-metal cutting.


Aside from cutting, our CO2 laser cutting machines can also perform different functions such as marking and engraving to offer you a one-stop solution.


CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

CO2 engraving & cutting machine processes the material contactless using laser light. This cuts objects with great precision. This is possible for creative projects and industrial serial production.The machines are used for a wide range of applications, such as prototyping, fabrication, and production.

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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Precise Cutting and Engraving

IGOLDENCNC offers CO2 laser cutting machines that are ideal for engraving designs in different materials such as thin woods, acrylics, and more. It can cut and engrave designs accurately at a fast speed. We also offer CO2 laser cutters with power options ranging from 60W to 300W. Our machines can provide up to ±0.01mm locating accuracy. Rest assured that our CO2 cutters can provide up to 6,00mm/s cutting speed. It also provides up to 1,000mm/s engraving speed. Therefore, you can assure precise engraving at a fast speed.


Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting, acrylic cutting, LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut, lightbox mold, stamp, mould, seal, etc.

Woodworking: MDF, wooden mould, wood planks, bamboo, density board.

Decoration: acrylic, organic glass, double color board, coconut shell, ox horn, ABS board, lamp shade, crafts, crystal, glass, ceramic, stone, metal coating, etc.

Clothing: leather, cloth, texitle, shoes, fabric, etc

Applicable materials: Non-metal materials such as acrylic, double color board, Plexiglas, Common glass, bamboo and wood, rubber, marble, granite and tiles, leather    cloth etc.

Applicable industries: Advertising industry, Billboards, artistic gifts, crystal ornaments, paper-cut, bamboo  and wooden product, garment and leather, embroidery, decoration and upholster industry.

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