CO2 laser engraver cutting machine

CO2 laser engraver cutting machine 1390

What is the CO2 laser engraver cutting machine 1390?

CO2 laser engraver cutting machine 1390 is suitable for Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting, LED/neon channel,literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould,seal,etc

CO2 laser engraver cutting machine 1390


Adopt high efficiency laser tube and more stable beam.

With the function of restoring from power off,continuation on break point.

Advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip,consecutive high speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection function improve the efficiency.

Red light positioning device indicates the location of laser head,eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.

Main features

# 1390  machine is a mixing cutting machine, specialized in cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, MDF, die board and wood.

# High efficiency: The cutting speed of 1mm stainless steel is 30 mm/s.

20mm acrylic with perfect cutting quality.

# 1390  machine is matched with the stepper motor system or Panasonic Servo System and high precision..

# High efficiency, high precision, stable performance and long life.Low running cost about 3-5KVA/hour.

Main configuration

Machine body

Fence blade work table 1300*900mm

Ruida controller

cw5200 chiller

Air pump

Air pipe

smoke pipe

Mixed laser cutting head

Air tank

Leadship stepper motor and driver

Taiwan guide rail

Dust collector+550w air fan

Transmission belt: shanghai Fulong

Tool bag ( CD, focus adjust rule etc.)

Table top-down: electrical up and down work table


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Applicable materials:

Two-color plate, plexiglass, glass, cloth, leather, acrylic, plastic, wood products, paper, rubber, etc.

Applicable industry:

Printing, clothing, leather goods, furniture, toys, advertising, decoration, construction, packaging and paper industry, etc.

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