4 Axis EPS Foam Carving Machine

Styrofoam Engraving Machine Large Foam Engraving Machine

Styrofoam engraving machine, also known as foam engraving machine, is a CNC equipment used to process EPS foam EPC in recent years. It is a light CNC machine tool. Compared with heavy metal cutting machines, Styrofoam engraving machines have slightly lower requirements on rigidity and precision. Solid casting-based foam models are machined from Styrofoam engraving machines.

4 Axis CNC Machining Centre Milling MachineStyrofoam Engraving Machine

The original triangular balance guide rail structure, combined with the Z-axis balance auxiliary device, ensures fast and stable processing of multiple curved surfaces.

It adopts Taiwan’s new-generation comprehensive operating system, which is easy to operate and powerful, and has online simulation and online monitoring functions to ensure safe and efficient processing.

The Z-axis travel can reach 2.2 meters, and it can be improved to a crane-type five-axis machining center with a large processing width and can be customized to meet the requirements of use.

Automatic oil lubrication system, maintenance is more convenient.

Using high-power servo drive system, with top accessories such as BT40 spindle and Italian HSD spindle, it has the characteristics of stable performance and durability.

4 Axis CNC Machining Centre Milling Machine

Styrofoam Engraving Machine Large Foam Engraving Machine

The intelligent processing out-of-bounds protection function can prevent mechanical collision caused by excessive processing of design files. Diversified control can control the processing speed, idle speed and cutting speed respectively, which greatly improves the quality and processing efficiency of processed products.

It has functions such as breakpoints and engraving, recovery, and predicting processing time. No matter how finely crafted it is, it can be handy.

The ultimate humanized design, combined with the ergonomic design, the height of the operation panel, the modular design, the meticulous and thoughtful, the free will.

Styrofoam engraving machine is suitable for polystyrene, all machines are driven by our dedicated engraving software, which are widely used in domestic and foreign markets.

Large foam engraving machines can engrave EPS products with complex shapes.

The large foam engraving machine has a perfect safety system to prevent accidents. When the machine has an accident, the emergency button on the machine and the control box will work and the machine will stop.

Features of large foam engraving machine

Improve work efficiency: Like ATC CNC machine tools, this model adopts a linear tool magazine design. Various tools can be changed automatically during the engraving process, saving time.

Multifunctional: true four-axis (four-axis CNC machine), the machine tool spindle can swing 180 degrees for three-dimensional machining.

Realize customized service: Z-axis can be heightened, and the entire working size can also be customized.

Advantages of large foam engraving machine:

Advantage 1: Wide range of applications

Large foam engraving machines are used in various industries. As long as the industries related to the foam industry, such as the exterior wall decoration industry, the foundry industry, the packaging industry, the sculpture industry, etc., can basically use this foam processing equipment, the use requirements can be met.

Advantage 2: Save labor

The large foam engraving machine only needs one person to input the numbers into the computer, and the machine will automatically process it. After the processing is completed, it will automatically cut off the power without wasting materials, and the pattern can be changed at any time during the processing; one person can operate multiple machines at the same time to complete the workpiece.

Advantage 3: high configuration

Large-scale foam engraving machine is equipped with DSP/Weihong system, equipped with CAD drawing software, CAXA electronic drawing board for direct drawing, and also supports U disk input, data can be downloaded, imported and transferred directly, without crash, card machine, data loss and other failures, operation More convenient and more compatible.

The cost of a Styrofoam engraving machine depends on the configuration and model. This non-standard equipment is basically customized, and solutions and prices need to be provided according to customer requirements.

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