PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Common problems and solutions of automatic edge banding machines

IGOLDEN CNC has specialized in manufacturing for 18 years. The factory has professional design and manufacturing personnel and professional after-sales team. It specializes in the production of woodworking engraving machines, woodworking cutting machines, panel saws, automatic edge banding machines and side hole machines. Years of manufacturing experience summarizes the common problems and solutions of automatic edge banding machines:

PVC Automatic Edge Banding MachineFirst of all, excessive welding: too much energy input to work

Method: 1. Reduce the air pressure value. 2. Reduce welding time. 3. Slow down the descending speed of the upper die.

Secondly, insufficient splicing: too little input energy

Methods: 1. Increase the air pressure value 2. Lengthen the splicing time 3. Use a higher power model.

Finally,the welding is not uniform: the first consideration is the distortion and deformation of the workpiece, the contact surface of the welding head, the base, and the workpiece is not flat, the support of the base is not firm or the workpiece error is too large.

Edge Banding Machine

Method: 1. Check whether the size of the workpiece is different, and check whether the operating conditions cause the deformation of the workpiece.2.The power point is redesigned to make the height uniform, adjust the horizontal screw, check whether the operating conditions are correct, and check the shape and size of the workpiece. 3. Where necessary, improve the support points, and the base needs to be redesigned and replaced with a hard base. 4. Tighten the tolerance of the workpiece, and re-modify the size of the work piece, and check the operating conditions (pressure, delay time, welding time, curing time, etc.)

The above is the description of the common problems and solutions of the automatic edge banding machine. Welcome friends to contact us in time if you have any questions, and we will give you the most comprehensive answer.

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