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Fiber Laser vs CO2 Laser ,how to choice?

Acting because the mainstream cutting solutions, fiber laser and CO2 laser both take up an excellent place within the modern laser industry. But if you dive into laser machines, you’ll find differences between these two technologies.

Which laser type that application?

CO2 Laser

Quality – Quality is consistent throughout all thicknesses of fabric .

Flexibility – high, suitable for all material thicknesses.

Safety – CO2 laser light (10µm) is best absorbed by the machine frame, which lowers the danger of irreparable damage to the retina. Personnel shouldn’t look directly at the cutting process through the acrylic panel within the door because the bright plasma also presents a risk to sight over a period of your time . (Similar to watching the sun.)

Beam guidance – mirror optics.

Cutting with Oxygen (flame cutting) – there’s no difference in quality or speed shown between the 2 sorts of lasers.


Fiber Laser

Speed – Faster than CO2 lasers in thin materials because the laser are often absorbed quickly with a small lead in speed when cutting with Nitrogen (fusion cutting).

Cost per part – but the CO2 laser counting on sheet thickness.

Safety – Strict safety solutions must be taken (the machine is totally enclosed with protective material) because the laser light (1µm) can pierce very narrow openings within the machine’s frame causing permanent damage to the eye’s retina.

Beam guidance – fiber optics.

laser head

Also, let’s show some features that make fiber laser machines outstanding.

1. Fiber laser is delivered through a laser optic cable rather than mirrors and channel employed by CO2 laser cutting machine, reducing power loss and increasing energy efficiency. So cost are often lowered directly.

2. The fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm, which is ten times shorter than that of the CO2 laser. The more focused beam are going to be produced to interact with different metals.

3. Fiber laser cutters can have exchange platforms that materials and finished cutting sheets can load or unload automatically to save time and labour.

4. As sheet metals are more popular in manufacturing industries, sheet metals processing has played an increasingly important part within the various metal business. Fiber laser machines can perfectly cater to the present need, while CO2 laser machines are more suitable for thick plates cutting.

5. Maintenance is additionally an important part for machines. and tiny maintenance and devices replacement are required for a fiber laser machine, saving worry and money. Contrarily, a CO2 laser machine needs regular and annual maintenance with components replacement, which may cost you quite ten thousand a year.

6. Fiber laser metal cutting machine performs with higher cutting precision and excellent leading edge , for the plenty of cutting table ensures the steadiness within the whole cutting process and therefore the gas will blow away the residue produced from cutting materials.

These introductions can’t decide your laser business, but if you would like to refresh your laser cutting business or upgrade your laser machines, we are willing to supply you with customized solutions. And for more details, you’ll also search for more posts under this blog.

What is the difference between the co2 and fiber laser cutter?

Since there are many diverse physical properties of lasers, the processing of CO2 CNC laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine is also different. That is, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the machining object.

CO2 Laser cutting machine_02laser engraving machine for metal

The CO2 CNC laser cutting machine design is typically driven by laser power to illuminate. Light is transmitted to the laser head through a reflection of a plurality of mirrors, and is concentrated in focus mounted on the laser head. Therefore, the processing material is raised to the gas, which has a very high temperature, which is suddenly absorbed, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting.


The fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutter that uses the fiber laser generator as a light source. Fiber laser metal cutting machine are a new type of fiber laser that is newly developed in the world. It outputs high-energy-density laser beams and accumulates on the surface of the workpiece, allowing the area of the workpiece to be illuminated and instantaneously melted and evaporated by ultrafine focus. Automatic cutting is achieved by using a numerical control mechanical system to move the point illumination position, which is a high speed and high precision.


Applicable industry

There are two main conditions suitable for CO2 laser cutting machine products. On the one hand, this is a unique component that requires even cut, including non-metallic materials in 3mm, 3mm and 20 mm, for service industries, such as advertising and decoration, etc., as well as complex cutting profiles. A small amount of workpiece. And used to save costs and circulation of manufacturing molds.


The fiber laser tube cutting machine has higher processing accuracy, widely used in aerospace, electronic, electrical, precision parts, automotive, machinery production industry, craft gift, tool processing, decoration, advertising, metal processing, kitchen processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

tube fiber laser cutting machine

Comparison of Advantages of fiber laser sheet cutting machine and CO2 laser metal cutting equipment

1. Control from the structure of the laser device

In CO2 laser cutting techniques, the carbon dioxide gas is a medium that produces a laser beam. However, the fiber laser pipe cutting machine is transmitted through a diode and fiber optic cable. The fiber laser system generates a laser beam by pumping multiple diodes. It then passes through a flexible fiber optic cable to the laser cutting head by a mirror, which has many advantages. First, it is the size of the cutting table. In gas laser technology, the mirror must be disposed within a certain distance. The range of fiber optic laser cutter is not limited. Even fiber lasers can also be mounted next to the plasma cutting head of the plasma cutting bed. Moreover, the system is more compact due to the optical fiber with the same power gas cutting system.

2. Control of conversion efficiency from the light light

The most important and significant advantages of fiber cutting techniques should be its energy efficiency. The fiber laser cutting system has a solid digital module and a single design of the fiber laser cutting system with a single design using the fiber laser complete solid-state digital module and the fiber laser cutting system. For each power unit of the carbon dioxide cutting system, the actual general utilization is about 8% to 10%. For fiber laser cutting systems, users can expect higher power efficiency, 25% to 30%. In other words, the fiber cutting system consumes approximately three to five times the energy than the carbon dioxide cutting system, resulting in an increase in energy efficiency more excellent than 86%.

3. Cut the effect

The best fiber laser cutter has a short wavelength characteristic that can increase the absorption of beams by cutting materials, and materials such as brass and copper, and non-conductive materials. A more concentrated beam produces a smaller focus and deeper focus, so the best fiber laser cutting machine can more efficiently cut thinner materials and medium thickness materials. When the thickness of the cutting material is as high as 6 mm, the cutting speed of the 1500w fiber laser cutting machine corresponds to the cutting speed of the 3 kW CO2 metal laser cutting machine. Since the operating cost of fiber cutting is lower than the cost of conventional carbon dioxide cutting systems, it is understood that the increase in the output and reduced commercial costs are reduced.

4. Control from maintenance costs

Metal fiber laser cutting machine is more environmentally friendly, and machine maintenance is convenient. For example, the CO2 laser system requires regular maintenance; the mirror needs to maintain and calibrate, and the resonator needs regular maintenance. However, fiber laser cutting solutions have hardly need to maintain. CO2 laser cutting system requires carbon dioxide as laser gas. Therefore, due to the purity of carbon dioxide gas, it should be regularly cleaned, and the cavity is contaminated. For a 1000W CO2 system, the project takes at least $ 20,000 a year. In addition, many carbon dioxide incisions require high-speed axial turbines to provide laser gases, while turbines require maintenance and refurbishment.

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