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Metal Tube Sheet Laser Cutting Machine Exchange Table

Item No:iGR-FT

Exchange table fiber laser cutting machine designed for cutting both metal sheet and metal tube. Ideal entry-level laser cutting machine without any high purchase cost or training cost. It has easy operation and simple maintenance. One machine integrates two functions, reducing the floor space and improving efficiency.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Price Range: $4850-$163500

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Dual-use Metal Sheet Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine


Dual-use Metal Sheet Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine is designed for Circular(Round) Square Metal Pipe Tube Cutting and sheets cutting.New metal sheet and tuber laser cutting machine is an ideal entry-level laser cutting machine without any high purchase cost or training cost. It has easy operation and simple maintenance. One machine integrates two functions, reducing the floor space and improving efficiency.

Tube and Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Affordable industrial fiber laser metal cutting machine is used for metal tube and sheet cutting all in one. Now the industrial laser sheet metal & tube cutting machine is for sale at cost price.

iGR-F(+T) tube and plate sheet metal laser cutting machine is for high-speed, high-quality cutting of various types of sheet metal and cutting of different cross-section metal pipes and profiles specially designed. This series of devices are for small and medium enterprises specially designed. Reliable components from the world’s leading companies, excellent design solutions, and assembly quality make this model a sharp contrast with competitor manufacturers of similar equipment. This model laser cutting machine can be equipped with different power laser sources; the power range is 1000 W to 10 KW.

Dual-use Metal Sheet Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine advantages

1. Change instantly from sheet to tube without the need for additional setup or tooling. Use your time making products instead of making changeovers. It’s the ideal way to maximize your return on investment.
2. Imported high-end accessories to provide users with powerful cutting ability and efficiency, ensuring high-precision and stable operation of the machine.
3.The professional CNC pipe cutting system is easy and simple to operate and maintain.
4. World-class components like guide rails and racks to guarantee the cutting accuracy.
5. The strong iron flatbed to keep the machine for 20 years without distortion.

Double Pneumatic Automatic Chuck

Electric clamp design is adopted on both sides, one-click opening of the clamp, automatic worry-free, the speed is 3 times that of the electric chuck, reducing the waiting time for loading and unloading;Pneumatic clamping, large and stable clamping force, no loosening or slipping of heavy pipes, ensuring cutting accuracy;

Dedicated Support Frame

The use of smart tube bracket design can solve the problem of deformation during the cutting of long tubes, improve cutting accuracy and extend the service life of the chuck.

Tube&Plate Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine


Model iGR-FT
Fiber Laser MAX / JPT
Control System Shanghai Cypcut
Servo motor Japan Yaskawa
Cutting head RayTools
Gantry Aviation aluminum beam
Guide rail Taiwan T-WIN square rail
Rack&pinion Taiwan T-WIN famous brand
Water chiller HanLi
Proportional valve Japan SMC
Electronics France Schneider
Voltage Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz

Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine Application industry

Sheet metal fabrication, hardware, kitchenware, electronic, automotive parts, advertising, craft, lighting, decoration, jewelry, glasses, elevator panel, furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, agriculture and forestry machinery, food machinery, bridge, ship, aerospace, structure parts, etc.

Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Applicable material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, alloy, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper and other metal plates and pipes.

Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Sheet and Tube Samples Demonstration

tube laser cutting
sheet metal cutting

Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Fiber Laser Cutters

A fiber laser cutter is an automated metal cutting system that uses a CNC controller to drive the 1064nm laser beam from a fiber laser generator to move along the tool path generated by the CAD/CAM software to achieve the metal fabrication plans. It is a fine precision cutting system for both sheet metals and tubes. It can cut both flat and beveled metal shapes and profiles. With a robotic arm, it can do 3D laser-cut jobs. It uses the non-contact cutting method of laser beam, which will not damage the substrate, and the thermal influence of the spot irradiation area is smaller. It can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, silicon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, pickling sheet, gold, silver, titanium, copper, brass, and alloys. It is used for sheet metal fabrication, elevator manufacturing, electronic appliances, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, precision parts, marine aviation, metal crafts, and advertising.

CO2 laser cutting machine

A CO2 laser cutter is a professional automatic laser engraving and cutting system using a 1064μm laser beam from the CO2 glass laser tube to etch and cut wood, MDF, plywood, paper, leather, fabric, textile, resin, plastic, acrylic, rubber, crystal, glass, ceramics, stone, and more non-metallic materials. It relies on the laser power to drive the carbon dioxide gas laser tube to emit laser beam, with reflectors, the beam is transmitted to the laser head, and then the focusing mirror converges the beam on a point, and this point can reach a very high temperature, thus the excess material is instantly sublimated into gas, which is sucked away by the exhaust fan, so as to create a laser-cut project. CO2 laser cutting machines are used to engrave and cut in clothing, fashion, garment, shoes, bags, toys, embroidery, electronic appliances, molds, models, arts, crafts, advertising, decorations, packaging, and printing.

iGOLDENCNC, Your best choice

GOLDENCNC, as a professional laser machinery application solution supplier, covers flatbed fiber laser cutting machine, metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutter, metal tube fiber laser cutter, protective fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser engraving cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, handheld laser welding machine, handheld laser cleaning machine and so on.

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Strict Quality Control System

Each machine needs to go through 13 inspection processes from order to delivery. Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine; iGOLDENCNC has established a complete and strict quality control system, which controls the product quality from raw materials, production, and delivery, including 48-hour running test and 72-hour aging test, to ensure the excellent quality of our machines.

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