protective fiber laser cutter

Fiber Optic Cutting Machine with Full Protection

What is the Fiber Optic Cutting Machine

Fiber Optic Cutting Machine utilize amplified light that is channeled through a fiber optic cable. The light is then straightened and delivered by a lens that is hyper focused on the material being cut. This delivery system provides extremely accurate cutting of numerous types of materials in various thicknesses. Laser cutting solutions display extraordinarily high electrical efficiency, which results in lower customer costs.

The full-protective laser cutting machine is equipped with an exchange table and a laser protective observation window. The protective design meets the European CE safety production standards to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and the personal safety of the operators. Equipped with 1000w-6000w fiber laser, the standard working area is 1500*3000mm, which can be upgraded to 1500*4500mm, and the power of 2000w and above is equipped with an independent cabinet with built-in air conditioner.

Fiber Optic Cutting MachineFiber Optic Cutting Machine

Machine Features


The automatic lubrication system provides a fixed amount of lubricating oil for the protective laser cutting machine to ensure the high-speed operation of the equipment, with abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm functions. The system greatly improves the cutting accuracy and effectively extends the service life of the transmission mechanism.


Intelligent travel protection, automatic monitoring of the operating range of components, installation of international machine tool standard limit springs, the laser cutting head is built-in capacitor height adjustment function, collision stop, improve equipment and life safety protection, reduce the incidence of accidents, improve cutting efficiency.


Automatic alarm function for abnormal working status of the automatic sheet metal cutting machine, and push it to the operation interface through the control center, improve the efficiency of equipment abnormal troubleshooting, reduce potential safety hazards, and reduce maintenance costs.


The laser head has a built-in motor drive unit, and the focusing lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the position within 20mm. The user can set continuous focus through the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials. The compound lens group equipped with D28 integrates the light beam and optimizes the optical and water-cooled design so that the laser head can work stably for a long time.

1.Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design to improve the cutting effect;

2.Auto focus range +10~-10mm, adjustment accuracy 0.01mm, adjustment speed 100mmms;

  1. Collimation protection lens dust protection design, effectively protect the internal optical components;
  2. Extend the distance between the protection lens and the nozzle to increase the life of the lens;
  3. Drawer-type lens holder is adopted to make the protection lens replacement fast and simple;

6.QBH connector is not limited, it can be equipped with various lasers with QBH connector.

Fiber Optic Cutting MachineFiber Optic Cutting Machine

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