4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine

Foam Engraving Machine three-dimensional automatic

3D foam CNC engraving machine adopts imported bearing HSD air-cooled spindle, which has the advantages of long service life, low noise and strong cutting ability. Equipped with in-line automatic tool change function, the whole processing process is more time-saving and efficient. Therefore, it is the choice for processing some foam products.

4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving machineFeatures of 3D Foam Engraving Machine

  1. Adopt 7.5kwHSD air-cooled spindle to ensure maximum processing efficiency and maximum economic benefits
  2. The working size can be increased according to your special requirements.
  3. Fixed by screws, the sturdiness and reliability of the whole structure reach the limit.
  4. Using NK 105 controller and handwheel guide, it has the characteristics of breakpoint recovery, automatic tool change and high precision.

Double Layer 4 Axis CNC Machine

The advantages of 3D foam CNC engraving machine:

  1. Self-contained lubrication system, Taiwan guide rail, maintenance-free for life.
  2. Italian high-speed spindle with a maximum speed of 24,000rpm to ensure maximum processing and production efficiency.
  3. The whole machine is made of thickened square tube. Annealing and other heat treatment methods ensure that the strength and reliability of the entire structure reaches the limit.
  4. The Taiwan system reads the code in an efficient way. With online simulation and monitoring functions. Guaranteed processing efficiency and safety.

4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving Machine

3D foam CNC engraving machine application:

  1. Wood furniture industry: wave boards, fine patterns, antique furniture, wooden doors, screens, craft fans, composite doors, cabinet doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards, etc.
  2. Advertising industry: advertising logo, sigh production, acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal text production, sandblasting machine molding and other advertising material derivatives production.
  3. Mold industry: There are metal sculpture molds such as copper, aluminum, iron, etc., as well as non-metal molds such as artificial marble, sand, plastic cloth, PVC pipes, and wooden boards.

3D foam CNC engraving machine parameters

  1. Effective cutting size of work table: 1300mm X 1300mm X 3000mm
  2. X-axis cutting stroke: 3000mm
  3. Y-axis travel: 1300mm
  4. System resolution: ±0.04
  5. Cutting accuracy: ±1mm (heating wire material, environment and the dry humidity of the foam, etc.)
  6. File format: G code
  7. Workbench structure: thickened square tube welding
  8. Working voltage: AC220V/20HZ
  9. Transmission mode: rack transmission

The main components

  1. Drawing software: AotoCAD
  2. Drive system: Mach3
  3. Support rail: Taiwan linear square rail
  4. Transmission screw: Taiwan ball screw
  5. Transmission rack: domestic high-precision rack
  6. Drive: Raise 860 drive
  7. Drive motor: high-speed stepping motor
  8. Control cabinet: export cabinet
  9. Work surface: high-density polyester board
  10. Control computer: professional solid-state hard disk industrial control computer

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